Saturday, December 25, 2010

Year-End Sales - My Memories from Growing Up & This Year in My Own Shops

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE and ETSY

Some might see this as kind of funny -- some might find it downright boring, but for me one of my Memories from growing up in the Chicago, Illinois area -- was the week between Christmas and New Years and the Year-End sales in the downtown stores on State Street!!

Now, we are talking of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's -- after College in the 1970's I moved somewhere outside of Illinois -- and I have no idea how it is like now.  Though there were a few malls in the suburban areas back then, where I did some of my shopping with my family for Clothes and Books and other things -- I will always remember the main department stores on State Street -- along with some of the smaller shops - Marshall Fields, Carsons, Sears, Montgomery Wards.

For some reason, at the end of the year during this last week, between Christmas and New Years, they always had the most fantastic things in the stores for a school-kid, like me -- and I sometimes use to get some things at fantastic sale prices!!  It was a great time to spend some of that Holiday Gift $$$ I had gotten!!! 

When I was in College, one year when I was down on State Street during that week, I found this really neat Handmade Turtleneck Sweater that just totally fit in with the way I dressed on my College Campus -- and then I found a cardigan that matched it prefectly.  I remember being so happy!!  I also remember getting lots of complements on that Sweater - I think the Sweater was One-Of-A-Kind and no-one else (or only a few other individuals) had anything like it!!!

Well - My Online Shops on Artfire and Etsy are nothing like those stores on State Street in Downtown Chicago, but I have decided this year to do my own little Year-End & New Years Sale:  25% off everything in these shops through January 5, 2011!!

Everything in my Artfire Studio and my Etsy Shop is Handmade, One-Of-A-Kind -- though I can re-make something I have made before, everything is Handmade by me One-At-A-Time!!

(By the way -- the photo at the top - my Avatar all over the Internet - is actually a closeup of a One-Of-A-Kind Crochet Tapestry that I made and actually have for sale in my Artfire Studio here!!)

For those of you who I have given Coupon Codes to for different Specials - you can still put your Coupon Code in - in addition to the 25% off price!!  (Etsy On Sale 25% Off Sale here!)

Happy Holidays -- and Wishes and Hopes for a good 2011 for All!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Artisan Feature of OOAK Handmade Mosaics from Memories In Mosaics

Having gotten involved with quite a Number of Artisans of various different Arts and Crafts, over the last few years I have seen quite a bit of Handmade pieces that are very impressive.

But these One-of-A-Kind Mosaics by Memories In Mosaics on Etsy and Design Style Guide -  well, they are quite awesome!!

So, I am doing a short Feature here of just a few of the Mosaics created by Chris of Memories In Mosaics - not only OOAK Mosaics, but these three are all different things.

You might want to take a few minutes and browse through the Shop, Memories In Mosaics one of these days!!

A Mosaic Mirror on a Southwestern theme - with a Talavera Sun Face!

A Lazy Susan Made of Upcycled Beach Glass!

A Mosaic Table Made of Broken Dishes!

(all photos above link)

-- Ruth Sandra Sperling of
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE and ETSY