Thursday, December 22, 2011

Having a Happy - Handmade - Holiday!!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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-- Some Handmade Holiday Items I have made --

This time of year has a lot of Holidays in it -- of a lot of "persuasions" or religions.

So, there has always been a lot of Holiday things going on in December all my life!

 ~~ And, not surprising to those who have known me -- most of them have something HANDMADE in them!!

I have always made things myself -- so many things, I can barely remember!  My parents saved the Hand-drawn cards I use to make them for different occasions.  I also use to make some Gifts -- or buy Handmade -- like things made in Wood or Pottery or Glass.

It seems, Happily, that HANDMADE had always been a part of my life!!!

No great surprise either, that I am not involved in Communities of people who do HANDMADE!! 

By this time in December, either people are doing rushed last-minute shopping or are making their last-minute preparations for their Holiday celebrations.

My Recommendation -- put something HANDMADE IN YOUR HOLIDAYS -- you might be surprised at the Joy and Fun of it!!

Check some of the Blogs in my Blog Roll (lower right sidebar) for some ideas from some of my Art & Crafts friends!!

Or Check Out These Sites!!

Bella Crochet (patterns)

In Any Case -- have a very enjoyable Holiday Season -- whatever you are Celebrating!!