Friday, December 16, 2016

Eco Crochet Cup Cozy in Colorful Yarns By RSS Designs In Fiber

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Get My Handmade in my Bonanza Booth or my Etsy Shop -- or Privately

I Crochet and Knit pretty much all the time - people who have been in my apartment have seen all the Handmade items that I have made myself and use in my daily life .... and that is how my newest Handmade Crochet product came to be.

It is called a "Cup Cozy" Red and Green Set of 3 of them in this photo to the left.

But those who I have met in a Starbucks - and the people working at Starbucks, where I go the most often for that cup of Tea (I don't drink Coffee any more) while I am On-The-Go, have seen my Cozy that I carry with me and put on my Hot Cups there - instead of those paper ones they give out that I can't stand.

Here to the right is a Cup Cozy Set of 2 in Blues - and, hey, these go with your Jeans (LOL)!!

They are all crocheted with Cotton Worsted Yarn doubled up - or Double Cotton Worsted Yarn - both of which I have plenty of in Peaches and Cream Colors (new colors - and older discontinued colors that I still have).

These are soft Cotton - they stretch a little bit to fit and "hug" whatever cup size you buy - they actually make it easier to hold the cup and really protect your fingers from the Hot Cup.

I like mine that I carry with me (in a color not yet available in my Etsy Shop) -- works much better and adds a bit of color to that part of life!!

Eco-Friendly for three reasons:

  1. Replaces the disposable paper cup cozies given out at most Coffee/Tea Shops - Reducing Waste!
  2. Made with Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic Cotton Yarn (I have checked - this particular Cotton Yarn is made with non-toxic colors and that is verified by tested waste-waters at the yarn manufacturers.).
  3. Re-usable for a long time!!
I have lots of this Cotton Yarn - I have 2 more Cup Cozy Sets in my Etsy Shop, as shown below - and I can make Custom Orders for people in the Colors of their choice by Request ... h-m-m-m, I think there is an Americana Red, White and Blue Set coming soon!!

Funky Colored Cup Cozy Set By RSS Designs In Fiber

 Pink and Burgundy Cup Cozy and Coaster Set

Friday, December 2, 2016

Completed Custom Order of Irish Crochet Hearts by RSS Designs In Fiber

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Get My Handmade in my Bonanza Booth or my Etsy Shop -- or Privately

 Email RSS Designs In Fiber to Request Your Own Custom Order

Yes, I do Custom Orders!!

This Custom Order in the photo above was for 6 of these Irish Crochet Hearts I crochet - with the Crystal E-Beads crocheted in.  Each Pink Heart has 3 Irish Crochet Roses in a Shaded Pink Thread inside it.

The original pattern - that these are based on - was in an older Craft magazine I had from years ago.
I've been making them for years - in different colors, fibers and sizes - and, sometimes, a slightly different crochet design!

I have some for sale in my "RSS Designs In Fiber" Shops!

See my Irish Crochet Hearts in my Etsy Shop!

See more of these Irish Crochet Hearts in my "Hearts in Fiber Art Decor" Section of my Bonanza Booth!