Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Handmade Hickory Browns Scarf and Hat Set in On Fire for Handmade Great Finds

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Hickory Red Browns Scarf and Hat Set by RSS Designs In Fiber on Etsy

By now most readers of this blog know I love "doing Handmade" - making things actually!

Above is a photo of a Scarf and Hat Set I made in the Fall Colors, "Hickory Red Browns" - which can easily be seen .... but what can't be seen is how Soft and Silky the Eyelash Yarn the Set is made with is!!

If this goes with a Coat or Scarf you have - it is a really nice Accessory to wear!

"Potters Clay Great Handmade Finds" on On Fire By Handmade