Monday, February 15, 2016

My Newest Handmade Crochet Decor - Romantic Lace - Irish Crochet - Home Accents

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Making things is one of my favorite occupations in life at this point - and Crochet seems to be my choice of craft right now - I have all kinds of patterns and ideas noted.

So-o-o - I get new things made - the photo above is my newest Handmade Crochet Decor item - definitely Romantic Style - in Spring Colors of Lavender and an Ombre named Light Pansy.

I named it "Lavender Pansy Doily" - and depending on how it suits you, you can have it as a Diamond (above) - or a Square (below) - See Full Details at the link.

Then sometimes I decide to do a popular design in different Colors or Color Themes -- I have been making and selling these Irish Crochet Hearts with 3D Flowers for over 10 years -- I have done them in different color arrangements - and I decided to do a new one in a Blue theme - whatever you may think - when I looked up the significance of different colors of Hearts - a Blue Heart means "Pure Honest Love" - see the link for full details!

Then I was thinking - people who like to buy these Irish Crochet Hearts might like them in different colors - they are fairly quick to make, so I created a "Made-To-Order" Etsy listing - offering a choice of 5 different color themes, as shown below:

Hearts - and Romantic Picot Lace - for those who like them - are popular at any time!!

-- And I like to make things in COLORS!!!

And these sizes of Handmade Crochet Doilies can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Home Decor
  • Romantic Gift
  • Romantic Decoration
  • Crochet Applique
  • Pendant for Necklace or Choker

---- or use your own imagination to come up with something!

I also have a Page here on my Blog presenting many of the Crocheted Heart pieces  have made over the years: