Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Delightful Few Hours with Art - and Nature - At The Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena

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I like the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, CA - it has a nice collection of Art by Artists that I particularly like - and now they have a special Exhibit of Van Gogh's "Bedroom" Painting from the Art Institute of Chicago - and I had to go! ....  Yes, I blogged in 2013 about going to the Art Institute of Chicago when I was growing up there - and over the years, I saw a number of the Van Gogh Paintings they have - including this Van Gogh "Bedroom" Painting now on Exhibit at the Norton Simon Museum. .... It was time to go again to the Norton Simon Museum!

Here is a Video from the Art Institute of Chicago about the Van Gogh "Bedroom" Painting in their Collection.

Seeing the Van Gogh "Bedroom" Painting from the Art Institute of Chicago - and getting up close enough to see the brush strokes - was really wonderful!!!  I loved it - along with the other Van Gogh Paintings they have!!  My other favorites of Van Gogh there are "The Mulberry Tree" and "Portrait of A Peasant" - I just love the colors - these two Paintings and the "Bedroom" Painting are particularly vibrant!

Though I like quite a number of Painters, that I have been exposed to since I was a little girl - the Impressionists, Late-Impressionists and Neo-Impressionists have been my favorites since then - especially the Landscape, and some of the Portrait and Still Life Paintings.

But my favorite of all time is still Van Gogh.

But I also had a delightful time seeing some of the other Artists on Exhibit at the Norton Simon Museum as well:
Degas - Paintings
Degas - Bronze Sculptures
Matisse - Painting
Monet - Paintings
Pissarro - Paintings
Renoir - Paintings
Seurat - Paintings

-- And the walk in the Sculpture Garden was really, really nice - I particularly enjoyed the Ficus Tree, which is really huge!!

I have my own Art Books - several on Van Gogh, one on Renoir, one on Monet - one on Impressionism - one on Georgia O'Keeffe - Art Books from my Mother Judy, including some from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York -- and I have some Museum Studies from the Art Institute of Chicago - and Photography Books - and Fiber Art Books - and some biographies.  I just love Art!!

I really liked the Renior Painting I linked to above - the "At Renoir's Home, rue St. Georges" -- I thought it was really funny - as one of the Impressionist Painters I really like, Camille Pissarro, is in it!!

One of the other things I really enjoyed at the Norton Simon was this letter written by Van Gogh to his friends, the Ginoux Family, on display.  I read the translation - and got a souvenir of it.  I also have the book, "Dear Theo" edited by Irving Stone (Van Gogh's letters to his brother, Theo) - reading some of those letters gives one an insight into the actual person, Vincent Van Gogh.

The Van Gogh "Bedroom" Painting from the Art Institute of Chicago is at the Norton Simon Museum only through March 6, 2017.

You can always go to Chicago and go to the Art Institute of Chicago ... Ha!

But I thought I would also share this other video from the Art Institute of Chicago, "Under Cover:  The Science of Van Gogh's Bedrooms" - which I found really interesting - but then I find color science fascinating!!