Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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Anyone who has read my blog knows that I love trees!!

So, it is quite logical that I would want to tell you about GIVING A GIFT OF LIFE WITH A GIFT OF A TREE PLANTING!!

I have lived in Southern California for about 28 years now - and there is a group here in Los Angeles that is all about planting trees - TreePeople!

They have various programs in the city of Los Angeles and somewhat beyond in the county of Los Angeles and even further beyond in forests of Southern California.

You can donate money for planting of trees in a variety of programs -- or you can donate your time and volunteer and even help with the planting of trees!!

They are truly a major contributor to the Greening of Los Angeles!!


I was looking for a way for people to have trees planted in other places than Los Angeles and I finally found one - Trees Instead!

You can have trees planted in any US State, Canada, Israel and the Amazon through them!!

Also, for a variety of different events or occasions!!

I can't think of a greater gift of hope or life than planting a tree!!

A tree does so many things that are good for our environment and us:

- clean the air

- clean the water

- holding soil in place

- giving shade which keeps us and the land cooler and moister

- and of course they take in the carbon we so carelessly produce with a myriad of human activities and produce the oxygen we need for breathing!!

What a beautiful balancing act of nature!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008


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Happy Hanukkah to all of you out there who celebrate it!!

Tonight is the first night of the eight-day celebration named HANUKKAH!!

Blue and White are popular color themes for this holiday, so I thought I would show off a few of my creations in that theme!!

A Bowl in Shaded Blues in Thread Crochet:

A new Pair of doilies - a Blue Starburst in White Lace:

A doily with Navy Blue Stars in White Lace:

Nested crocheted baskets in various shades of blue:

Blue and White is one of my favorite color themes that I enjoy working with!!

Also, I am actively in the ETSY THREAD ARTISTS TEAM - check out their blog:
http://etsythreadartists.blogspot.com/ --
and search for their items on ETSY with the tag: threadartists team



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I have been crocheting hats and scarves and sweaters - warm things for the winter - for years - since I was a teenager actually!!

This year I also added knitting them!!

-- And I made my first pair of fingerless mittens - for myself.

I knitted them in Peaches & Creme worsted cotton - double strand - Bright Navy Blue and Black.

I chose cotton - Peaches & Creme worsted cotton - because I love the feel of cotton and I want to be able to wear them all the time when I am doing things, but it is cold.

Double strand, Peaches & Creme is warm - especially since I knitted them in Garter stitch.

They are WARM!! And I made them snug and long - they go up my arm about 3 inches from my wrist. And they have a covering for the thumb for warmth!

Here, take a closer look at one of them.

I am so happy with them!!

Watch for some showing up in my shop for Wearables - RSS Designs Wearables!! As I DO CUSTOM ORDERS, I can make a pair for any one in the size they want - though I will have to possibly find the colors someone wants.

Of course, Peaches & Creme has a huge selection of colors that I can get if you can wait. See here for the selection of Peaches & Creme worsted cotton yarn.

Keep Warm!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008


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I woke up this morning to find the ground still covered with beautiful white snow!!

I checked out in my front yard a couple of times today and took a few pictures.

Someone told me that this was a first for them and they moved here 20 years ago!!

Our driveway and yard was still covered with snow, though this afternoon it looked like the sidewalk was starting to peek out!!

Bush in my front yard - about 10 AM this morning:

The remaining photos were taken somewhere around 1 PM today.

Bird Feeder hanging on the tree:

My rose bush was still in bloom when the snow fell - ROSES IN SNOW!!:

Bush in my front yard - some snow has melted off in the sunny day:

Bright blue sky through snow covered branches - but some snow has melted!!

Enjoying this unusual seasonal experience!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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My little town of a few thousand in the southeast portion of the Antelope Valley of Southern California, which is a High Desert, rarely gets snow - especially snow that "sticks". A few times over the 6 1/2 years since I moved here I have woken up to snow, but usually it is melted by around noon.

Not today!!

We have beautiful, beautiful snow -- and it is still snowing!!

I went out today to get something important, despite the snowing, and managed to get a ride home early. I wore boots, which was good, because my sidewalk and lawn in my yard had an accumulation of snow when I got home around noon and I actually made footprints in the snow!!

This is a first for me since I've lived in the Antelope Valley. The van I was in is properly equipped for driving safely in the snow at the time we were driving.

But the Antelope Valley is not really set up for this kind of weather and the public transportation system was in the process of shutting down until the weather "lets up" and it is safe for them to operate. We saw snow plows some on the streets and at a nearby gas station on the way home.

I come from the midwest - Chicago area to be exact - and I know how to deal with this weather.

Dressing properly was a good thing today!!

Actually, I am loving it, though I couldn't do some shopping I had planned. We need the precipitation in this part of the country to keep off a drought.

I have a bucket out there catching snow - when it melts, I am going to use the water/melted snow for watering plants instead of having it run down the sidewalk and driveway to who-knows-where.

I managed to get a few pictures so far.

My yard at 7 AM this morning.

My yard at around 1 PM today (deeper snow - it is piling up)!

A group of Old Growth trees in the back around 1 PM today.

Looking at the sky through one of the trees in my front yard around 1 PM.

This kind of weather is unusual in the valley of the High Desert here - and it is worth enjoying the benefits of different seasons.

YES, the snow is "sticking"!!!

I keep wondering how long it will last!!


Monday, December 15, 2008


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When I moved to the Antelope Valley -- the High Desert north of Los Angeles - it was for a number of reasons, but there were some real bonuses.

Where I reside, in the southeast corner of the Antelope Valley in the low foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, there are those mountains to the south and the Antelope Valley desert - the eastern edge of the great Mojave - to the south and east.

Last Friday, I was up early to go out and as I stepped out after the sun had risen, I was struck by the tones of the winter desert sky. Such muted tones, but beautiful.

Wanted to share it with you all.

The trees - the natural, native Old Growth in the back of the property where I live!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

An ETSY Treasury of POTTERY, WOOD and LACE

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On ETSY, the website for buying and selling handmade, you can find some really beautiful objects. But - finding them amidst the hundreds or thousands of listings that come up in searches can be daunting, frustrating, aggravating and time consuming, so ETSY came up with a variety of different tools for promoting.

One of the free ones on ETSY is called a Treasury - and an individual seller can put one together.

Well, I came up with an idea. I love making doilies and lace table coverings and I have joined up with a team of them on ETSY - the ETSY Thread Artists Team, who you can find at http://etsythreadartists.blogspot.com/. I also love pottery and wood. So, my idea is to put some table decor in pottery, wood and lace all together in a Treasury!!

And I did it!

Here is the link:


And, here is the screen shot:

You might want to go look at it on ETSY and look at the individual listings by clicking on the pictures. There are some real works of art in this Treasury!!



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I just read an article on the Internet that was very upsetting to me.


It covers the problem with carbon offset funds somehow going to logging of primary old growth forests.

Folks - NO, NO, NO - that is not the right way to do carbon offsets.

The primary Old Growth forests on the planet are not supposed to be logged any longer - if absolutely necessary, based on current environmental analysis for fire hazard, small understory trees may need to be removed to protect the Old Growth and keep fire out of Old Growth and their tree canopies. Other than that, no tree removal in primary Old Growth forests should be done.

Carbon offsets are good for protecting Old Growth from removal.

And carbon offsets are good for restoring highly significant areas of forests that have been previously destroyed, such as the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

Restoring means restoring - not planting so-called "tree-farms" for future logging or homogeneous even-aged tree plantings, either. Restoring means planting hetereogeneously (definition: in a way that is heterogeneous, which is defined as "consisting of or involving dissimilar elements or parts; not homogeneous"), which in terms of trees means planting different species and they should be native species to that forest eco-system. They should also do planting in small groups at different times, so it is not even-aged, but you end with trees of different ages. After a canopy is grown in the area, they should allow natural regeneration. Along with planting trees, the soil and its total underground biotic province needs to be restored.

I have seen a restored forest - restored from cleared land in an farming area in central Illinois - the woodlands of Robert Allerton Park are so beautiful, you can hardly believe that only a fraction of these woodlands are virgin forest. I went to the University of Illinois, which runs Robert Allerton Park, 1969 to 1972 and the canopied woodlands of Robert Allerton Park provided a wonderful place to hike. It was from the head Biologist at Robert Allerton Park, who was a professor at the University of Illinois, that I learned several years ago about the woodlands being to a large part a restored forest with a fraction of it being virgin forest. 1,000 acres of it are now a National Natural Landmark. I have also been told that this is a Regional Biodiversity Hotspot for that eco-region. During my hiking experiences there in the 1970 through 1980, which were truly wonderful for me, I had no idea that it was not a virgin forest. Read about it here: http://www.continuinged.uiuc.edu/oce-sites/allerton/history.cfm.

So, you see, from personal experience and knowledge, I know cleared forest land can be properly restored to be real forest and not a tree farm.

If you donate for carbon offsets, you need to make sure that the program you are donating to is really about restoring trees or protecting trees/land to the level where they actually do sufficient carbon sequestration as to count in offsetting carbon emissions and reducing globally the amount of carbon in this atmosphere - this issue is discussed in an article on Wikipedia, which is very interesting - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_Sequestration.

I mentioned the Atlantic Forest of Brazil here and in earlier posts - the Atlantic Forest of Brazil is listed as a globally significant Biodiversity Hotspot by the International Conservation Scientists of the organization, Conservation Internaltional, www.conservation.org.

Planting the area of the Atlantic Forest of Brazil is one of the programs being done by The Nature Conservancy - "Planting a Billion Trees" at www.nature.org.

Also, on The Nature Conservancy website is an "Ask the Conservationist" article from June 2008 on the subject of "Do Carbon Offsets Really Work?" -- http://support.nature.org/site/PageServer?pagename=asktheconservationist_200806&JServSessionIdr012=3q075ukq61.app43a. Read this article and you will get a realistic answer.

I have discussed this matter several times in my blog posts and I go into information from a number of different scientifically based organizations in my posts - check here to read my earlier posts and get links to various organizations.

I love real forests - but it is more than my love of forests that is my motivation for writing my blog posts -we need live, carbon sequestering forests on this planet, in addition to reducing carbon emissions, for this planet and this web of life to be healthy for us humans to live in.

We all need to take responsibility for this condition.



Sunday, December 7, 2008


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One of my Etsy Teams, ECOETSY, has a benefit currently going on to raise donation funds for http://www.heifer.org/.

The participating shops on ETSY are donating 10% of all sales for a team-wide donation to http://www.heifer.org/ to help with their programs to help the needy around the world provide for themselves. I have gotten brochures in the mail from http://www.heifer.org/ so I know what they are doing and I think they are making a valuable contribution to society. I think their principle of "Teach a man to fish..." is a really good way to help others.

At the following link, you can get a pdf document about the EcoEtsy event, "Proceeds of Promise" with information about the event, EcoEtsy and Heifer International.

By buying things at the participating shops, including mine:

-you will be helping to make a contribution to bettering someone's life.

This 10% donation is in addition to the 15% off sale going on in my shops.

So, if you buy in my shops, you will get 15% off the listed item price plus 10% of what you pay (not including shippping) will be donated to Heifer International.

Have a good Holiday season!!



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I made a donation to an Annual Clothing Giveaway that is going on today - I mailed them a box of clothing, some of which were the hats for babies and older kids that are in this picture:

I really enjoy making them and it is something that can be worked up quickly. And it feels good to do something that may really help someone.

In the colder months, there may be children who need head coverings who can't get them.

I plan to make a donation to this Annual Clothing Giveaway every year.



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I am really glad that I got on Twitter - http://twitter.com/rssdesigns.

Not only does it give me an opportunity to do quick, fast microblogging about a variety of subjects, but I am "following" a number of people who provide me with some valuable information and links.

In the area of crafting, it was on Twitter that I met Norm, "Crafty Coach", who has his own website for coaching on crafting and sells guides on Etsy.

I thought I would make a brief mention of it here, because I think this article on his website has some really good common sense advice in it: http://craftycoach.com/2008/12/i-dont-know-a-damn-thing-about-your-site/

I can't really tell you how good he is, but for what exchange we have had to date and what I have seen on his website, his website is worth reading and his guide - well, for the price, I would buy it!



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I found out about a pdf document on the internet from the
UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) World Conservation Monitoring Centre, which they have named "Carbon and biodiversity, A demonstration atlas".

Here is the link: http://www.unep.org/pdf/carbon_biodiversity.pdf

Some of the environmental groups I strongly support for their work on protecting and restoring biodiversity, The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, were contributors to this report.

I am glad to see that the United Nations has shown this support for Global Biodiversity.

A large part of it is protecting lands of primary Old Growth - some of the healthiest and most ecologically significant lands left on this planet.

Not logging the primary Old Growth left on this planet may be the most valuable thing that we can do on this planet at this time - for the web of life.

Anyone who has seen a clearcut in a forest first-hand and in-person knows from personal experience what a clearcut looks like and how it must affect the forest -- and I have seen a clearcut that must not have been too old at the time I saw it. It was in the Sequoia National Forest in the late 1980's when logging and clearcuts were still going on there. It wasn't too far off the Western Divide Highway in the southern portion of the Sequoia National Forest in what is now the Giant Sequoia National Monument. I was driving down a back road looking for a good place to take some people hiking - I drove around a corner and was shocked at the devastation of this clearcut. Obviously, I was not going to bring these people hiking here as they liked to photograph live trees, etc. It totally upset me and was part of my motivation for getting involved in public issues regarding managing the National Forests.

And, YES, this was in an area not too terribly far from Giant Sequoia groves, though I don't know exactly how close - it was on the western side of the Western Divide Highway somewhere south of the Wheel Meadow Grove and east of Red Hill Grove and Peyrone Grove. I have a map of the Sequoia National Forest and I know where these are.

It was reading Aldo Leopold - both in his book, A Sand County Almanac, and his paper, The Last Stand - that I found out about the devastating effects of clearcutting on the land in addition to just the removal of the trees.

I would like to quote from these.

From "The Last Stand" by Aldo Leopold as published in The Leopold Outlook Winter 2004, A newsletter published quarterly by The Aldo Leopold Foundation.

"Few laymen realize that the penalties of violence to a forest may far outlast its visible evidence. I know a hardwood forest called the Spessart, covering a mountain on the north flank of the Alps. Half of it has sustained cuttings since 1605, but was never slashed. The other half was slashed during the 1600's, but has been under intensive forestry during the last 150 years. Despite this rigid protection, the old slashing now produces only mediocre pine, while the unslashed portion grows the finest cabinet oak in the world; one of those oaks fetches a higher price than a whole acre of the old slashings. On the old slashings the litter accumulates without rotting, stumps and limbs disappear slowly, natural reproduction is slow. On the unslashed portion litter disappears as it falls, stumps and limbs rot at once, natural reproduction is automatic. Foresters attribute the inferior performance of the old slashing to its depleted microflora, meaning that the underground community of bacteria, molds, fungi, and burrowing mammals which constitute half the environment of a tree.
"The existence of the term microflora implies, to the layman, that science knows all the citizens of the underground community, and is able to push them around at will. As a matter of fact, science knows little more than the community exists, and that it is important."

In the book, A Sand County Almanac, in the section, The Upshot, in the sub-section, "Wilderness for Science", I quote Aldo Leopold again:

"Many forest plantations are producing one-log or two-log trees on soil which originally grew three-log and four-log trees. Why? Thinking foresters know that the cause lies not in the tree, but in the micro-flora of the soil, and that it may take more years to restore the soil flora than it took to destroy it."

So, clearcutting - or "slashing" as Aldo Leopold called it in "The Last Stand", has a destructive impact on the land that affects future growth on that land.


Also, in the same issue of The Leopold Outlook of Winter 2004 is an essay written by 2 former Chiefs of the United States Forest Service published originally August 24, 2003, Mike Dombeck and Jack Ward Thomas - "Declare Harvest of Old-Growth Forests Off-Limits and Move On"

I would like to quote one paragraph that I feel contains key, relevant information.

"Second, scientists increasingly appreciate old-growth forests as reservoirs of biodiversity with associated 'banks' of genetic material. Most stands are prtected as habitat for threatened or endangered (and associated) species - to meet the purpose of the Endangered Species Act '...to provide a means whereby the ecosystems upon which endangered species and threatened species depend may be conserved...' It's time to stop fighting over what little old growth remains unprotected."

And part of another paragraph discussing forest management from this same article.

"Forest management should focus on restoring forest health and reducing fire risk, intially in areas where risk to human life and property are greatest - the so-called wildand/urban interface. Then, appropriate management practices should be strategically targeted in the right places and at the right scales across the landscape."


It is now becoming a global issue - with The Nature Conservancy (see Plant A Billion Trees gadget on this blog!) and Conservation International and Care2 running campaigns for protecting rainforest and planting trees - and the United Nations publishing papers on it.

You, too can join the bandwagon - through these organizations you can contribute to protecting the Old Growth forests left on this planet - incluidng for free by clicking on Care2's Race for the Rainforest!!


Friday, November 28, 2008

Did a Promotion for Artistic Thread Crochet on Etsy!!

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Etsy has a tool for putting together a promotion/exhibit of 12 items on Etsy - they call it a Treasury.

I have learned to do them and I now did one for my newest Etsy Team - the Etsy Thread Artists Team.

There are some amazing artists who do crochet on Etsy and I was glad to find some of their items that I thought would be good for this holiday season!

Here is the screen shot of it:

Thursday, November 27, 2008


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I am thankful for a lot of things.

To Internet friends:

Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/
Eco Etsy Street Team - http://ecoetsy.blogspot.com/
Design Style Guide - http://www.designstyleguide.net/
Etsy Thread Artists Team - just starting!!
Sherry - http://shaylyn629.blogspot.com/
My Followers and Those I Am Following on Twitter - http://twitter.com/rssdesigns

Some Enviornmental Groups who I personally know are making a huge difference for our planet and our lives:

The Nature Conservancy - http://www.nature.org/ - Private and Public Lands protection & restoration
Conservation International - http://www.conservation.org/ - Biodiversity Hotspots
Aldo Leopold Foundation - http://www.aldoleopold.org/ - The Land Ethic
The Wildlife Society - http://www.wildlife.org/
The Wilderness Society - http://www.wilderness.org/
National Resource Defense Council - http://www.nrdc.org/ - their attorneys have played a major role in legal battles protecting ecologically significant public lands and concerning Environmental Impact Statements and public lands management that I know about.
World Wildlife Fund - http://www.wwf.org/
Union of Concerned Scientists - http://www.ucsusa.org
Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center - http://www.cserc.org

For Health:

RBC Life Sciences - http://ruthssperling.rbclifesciences.com/Default.aspx
Vitacost - http://www.vitacost.com/
Covert Bailey Books and Products - http://www.covertbailey.com/index2.html
The Wolfe Clinic - http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/ - check their News & Information!!
UCLA HEALTH SYSTEM - http://www.uclahealth.org/


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


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I found a pattern for this really neat head covering for the winter. I think it is particularly good for keeping your head and neck warm.

It is a hood with an attached scarf and a tassel:

What I think is so great about it - is that it is all one piece rather than having a separate hat and scarf and it is long enough to cover the head and the back of your neck and the scarf ends in front tie to close it in the front.

The yarn it is crocheted in is this wonderful silky soft yarn, Caron Simply Soft Eco (see info on it on their website: http://www.shopcaron.com/). It is acrylic, which I like for winter -- things made in it are warm and it is easily washable. An additional bonus is that it is eco-friendly - at least 20% of it is post-consumer recyled plastic, which is hard to believe with its soft silky feel.

I did this one in colors for this season - a beautiful red called Wine Country - and a beautiful green called Pine. I love the combinations of these colors and it has been a particularly popular color combination in past years in my craft selling.

Of course, I can do it in other colors and other sizes.

Just ask!!

And, oh, by the way - I have a POLL to the right - voice your opinion(s) by voting! You can check more than one box!


Monday, November 24, 2008


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For those of us who do what is known as "Thread Crochet" - every opportunity to promote or display our crochet art is important.

I admit, I get a little frustrated. Some people may call it "Vintage", "Old-Fashioned", even "decadent", but the truth of the matter is this table crochet art can add a lot to decorating your home in a very Modern sense.

It is how you choose to use it.

Many Thread Crocheters do custom orders -- you can request Thread Crochet works in Modern Colors and even in Modern designs/lines.

This Etsy Treasury shows what 12 Thread Crochet Artists have done: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=33774

And here is the screen shot of it:

I do a variety of crochet work, because I love doing it. Of course, I have some in my home. It can be very decorative and useful at the same time. Here is a list of my sections that include Thread Crochet in my shop on Etsy, http://www.rssdesignsinfiber.etsy.com/:

7. Doilies and Other works for Holidays and Seasons: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5404787&section_id=5635224

I do what I do because I enjoy it and because others have enjoyed it!!

Take a look and see what fits in your life -- or maybe seeing some of the crochet works will inspire you to request something special.

Personally, I love doing custom, special orders by request.

People can always contact me on Etsy or by email!!
You can also voice your opinion by VOTING IN MY POLL HERE ON MY BLOG!! --------->




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Just found out about a website where you can get a gift of renewable energy.

Read about it here: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2008/11/how-to-stuff-a-stocking-with-renewable-energy.php

You can give a "Powered Green Wind Energy Sponsorship" here: http://www.poweredgreen.com/

On their website, see how you can Green Your Laptop! http://www.poweredgreen.com/learn/e-waste-and-recycling/



Sunday, November 23, 2008


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Had a great time putting together this Treasury on Etsy of items from the Design Style Guide (aka interiordesignteam - etsy tag).

I called it STAR GAZING - and it has a few of my favorites on this theme in it.

And here is a screen shot of it:

I hope everyone enjoys it!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


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I decided to do a POLL here on my blog to see what is needed and wanted - or just desired - by people in Designs In Fiber that I do. It is over on the right - below my Welcome and About Me.

I do crochet in both thread and yarn for Home Decor and Things To Wear - I would really like to know what I make is wanted - or even not, because I have a "None of the above" choice in the POLL!!

I try to make things that are useful and aesthetic, though some are just mainly aesthetic.

I can personalize things either doing Filet Crochet or Tapestry Crochet, both of which I discuss in posts here in my blog. They should both be tagged "crochet".

I haven't tried it before, but I can personalize in knitting, too!!.

I love to do custom orders for people who want something in particular - that way they are spending their money on things they really want.

I can email with people if they want something in particular, but are not sure exactly what.

I can send pictures of colors of yarn or thread.

Feel free to let me know. There is an email address on top if anyone wishes to contact me -- or if you are on Etsy, you can contact me through http://www.rssdesignsinfiber.etsy.com/ (Home Decor) -- or http://www.rssdesignswearables.etsy.com/ (Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry, Bags).


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


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The Endangered Species Act has been an important environmental tool for getting key habitat for species that are threatened or endangered protected.

I feel that this is very important, because I believe that all life on Earth is part of the web of life -- and that unfortunately human impact has such a negative effect on other species that they become threatened or endangered.

What I am really worried about is that the Bush administration wants to make some key changes to this Act - to have these changes take effect before Barack Obama is sworn into office on Jan. 20, 2009 - the rules making these changes must be published by this Friday, Nov. 21, 2008.

Currently (before any changes are made), independent wildlife biologists who work with certain species have to sign off on certain projects -- sometimes requiring modifications to projects so that species will be better protected.

I am not sure exactly what new rules they are trying to write and publish before this Friday, Nov. 19th, but I know that some of them involve eliminating the input of our own federal wildlife scientists in some endangered species cases.

The federal agency people doing the project will make the decisions themselves regarding any endangered species.

From the way I look at things, this strikes me as rather strange and not the proper way to go about things.

Federal wildlife scientists are experts in wildlife and what they need to survive. They have key data to do environmental analysis on projects.

To cut them out of the process in determining how a project could affect relevant species means not having experts on matters relevant to a project involved, which means you may be missing key data in planning and/or doing a project.

I do not agree with those who want to make these changes.

I feel that federal wildlife scientists should have the ability to do something to modify or even stop a project if they think the project is really a danger to some species -- especially if it is a species that plays a major roll in some environment.

See this online article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081120/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/bush_endangered_species;_ylt=AoyaOiv5ZeJxBBj2KJ1Aptes0NUE


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


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This is just to spread the word --

Apparently, the BLM in Oregon has put together a plan that includes increasing logging in the globally significant Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion - increasing it 400% - I wonder where all the logs are supposed to come from.

I found out about it through an update from ConservatioNews on Twitter, which I follow on Twitter.

So, I went to this: http://forests.org/blog/2008/11/alert-stop-bushs-midnight-raid.asp --

and found out that it was about the Klamath-Siskiyou region, which I have read up about before and know where it is -- and I know it is in the southwest part of Oregon that is part of the California Floristic Province, a globally significant Biodiversity Hotspot identified by the International scientists of Conservation International.

In this beautiful coffee-table style book I have, "CALIFORNIA FLORISTIC PROVINCE", that is an excerpt of the book, "HOTSPOTS, EARTH'S BIOLOGICALLY RICHEST AND MOST ENDANGERED TERRESTRIAL ECOREGIONS", there is a map of the California Floristic Province -- and way up at the top left of the Province is the Klamath-Siskiyou Region.

I also have this wall map from Conservation International of the globally significant Biodiversity Hotspots on the planet, so I know that there are only 3 globally significant ecoregions in the United States:

1. California Floristic Province - including 70% of California's land area (not high and low arid regions-deserts) plus a piece of southwest Oregon and a piece of northwest Baja California in Mexico. It is the only hotspot that is largely within the United States and is the largest land area in the United States that is globally significant. (There are quite a few regionally significant Biodiversity Hotspots in the United States.)
2. Caribbean ecoregion - southern part of the state of Florida is a part of this ecoregion.
3. Polynesia/Micronesia - the Hawaiian Islands - a small part of this wide-stretching ecoregion.

These 3 areas are part of the small percentage of Earth's land surface that are the global Biodiversity Hotpots -which originally was about 11.8% of the planet's land surface, but only 12% of that is in intact condition, meaning only about 1.4% of the Earth's land surface has the biodiversity to be globally significant to life on our planet.

Protecting this small percentage of the Earth's land surface is extremely important to global biodiversity and life.

As stated by Conservation International: "If we fail to act effectively in the hotspots, we will lose a major portion of life on Earth in the first half of the twenty-first century regardless of how successful we are in other areas. The need to concentrate on the hotspots is clear and compelling."

Well, folks, for the BLM to decide to increase logging 400%, with all its negative impacts on the ecology of the area where the logging is done in addition to the removal of the trees (logging, especially clearcutting, negatively impacts the micro-flora of the soil and the soil's ability to grow vegetation-learned this from reading Aldo Leopold), in one of the 3 globally significant ecoregions of the United States is, well --terrible and irresponsible and....

So, I Took Action on the website, Forests.org, and modified the letter a bit, adding in some information - especially about it being a globally significant ecoregion - and making the letter my own and quite substansive - and sent it.

I hope a lot of other people are doing that, too.

Would you like to do something to contribute to stopping logging of a forest that is globally significant ecologically --meaning it is beneficial to you, wherever you live, if it is protected and cared for properly and restored as needed?

Here again is the link: http://forests.org/blog/2008/11/alert-stop-bushs-midnight-raid.asp

You can -- the letters, especially if you modify their form letter in some way with your own words -- make a difference!! (Making it your own by adding you own comments in between the lines of the form letter makes it not a form letter any more.)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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I was just looking through The Storque on http://www.etsy.com/ for some more data - and I found the Top 10 Lists - and, low and behold, I was looking at the "Top 10 for Decor - Giving Thanks For Primitive" and there was one of my crochet pieces!!

You can find it here in my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=13152136

Actually, this crochet piece is one of the more detailed pieces I have done. It is made in a very fine thread - size 12 DMC Pearl Cotton - which translates, for crocheters, to about a size 45 crochet thread, which is pretty thin, so you have very fine detail in this piece.

Pearl Cotton is such a beautiful thread -- no photograph really reflects its sheen -- this piece, if you look closely, has a lot of detailed graphics, with the main focus being a ring of red flowers.

I hope someone eventually gets it and enjoys it!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

reusablebags.com - BYOB - "BRING YOUR OWN BAG"

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As I have mentioned this before, anyone who knows me or has read some of my blog knows how I feel -- I HATE those disposable bags (both plastic and paper) and I use and promote reusable bags.

I recently discovered the wesite http://www.reusablebags.com/ and am putting their plastic bag counter here on my blog! I found out about it from http://www.greenbaglady.blogspot.com/, who I had found out about from http://www.mygoodhouse.wordpress.com/, who I found out about on Twitter because mygoodhouse is following me there!!

reusablebags.com is great for those who are looking to buy reusable bags online, but I either get mine locally at Trader Joe's or make them myself!!!

Here are a few examples of reusable bags I have made.

First of all, for going to the Post Office or just around where I live, I have my own green bag which I crocheted years ago that I use all the time - people in my neighborhood know it well - it is a shoulder bag. I crocheted it with Peaches and Creme Emerald Green and Shades of Green worsted cotton yarn. I refuse the disposable bags all the time around my neighborhood - what I buy either goes in my trusty green shoulder bag - or one of my little canvas bags that I use if I buy heavier things. Here is a picture of my trusty hand-crocheted (by me!) green reusable bag!!

I also make reusable bags for gifts and to sell. Here are a few examples of some I have for sale on Etsy:

First, I have a Gift Bag that I crocheted in yellow, green and red - a Poinsettia Bag!! It is in my shop on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=13688791.

Next, I have some bags that I made and sell in my etsy shop for wearables that can be used as reusable bags -

1. Hand-Crocheted Tote Bag with a squared-off flat bottom and shoulder-length straps in bright red and white: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12929064

2. Hand-crocheted small shoulder bag with a coin purse - it could be used as a small reusable bag/tote or like a shoulder-strap purse: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=15451961

All of these bags are actually my own designs put together by me. I use Peaches and Creme worsted cotton yarn because I know how strong it is and that it will last as I have used it myself for years in my own life!!

If someone would want a unique reusable bag just for them, they can contact me either by email - or if you are on Etsy, you can contact me at http://www.rssdesignswearables.etsy.com/ either through a private Alchemy request or by Etsy Conversation about what you would want. I have about 5 colors in cones of Peaches and Creme in stock right now that I could make a bag out of - and there are a few colors I can get locally and their whole line of colors I can get online.

I really do custom orders - I knit and crochet them and the way I make them, they are beautiful and they last!!!

Or find your own patterns and make your own in your own choice of fabrics or colors of yarn!!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some things to find on THE NATURE CONSERVANCY website

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THE NATURE CONSERVANCY website is just huge and has some really wonderful things on it for the dedicated nature lover/environmentalist: http://www.nature.org/.

One of the things they offer are some beautiful nature photographs to Decorate Your Desktop!!

My desktop wallpaper is a photo from them of the Parker Ranch -- an area not so far from where I live that has a lot of significant habitat and is a wildlife corridor at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada. It has such a beautiful sky - I love seeing it on my desktop all the time!!

They have certain photos that they feature every month and here is the November 2008 one:

You can go to the link for Decorate Your Desktop above to choose your own nature photo for your desktop!!

And -- you can send free email cards with all kinds of nature photos in them from their website:


I love what The Nature Conservancy does in nature and I love what they do to make sure people know about it on their website!!


The website of DESIGN STYLE GUIDE (aka tag interiordesignteam on etsy.com)

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I have mentioned before some really good artists who do Home Decor and Interior Design and are part of Design Style Guide (aka interiordesignteam-tag on www.etsy.com)

Some of them are now on the website available for members of Design Style Guide to list their items for sale: http://www.designstyleguide.net/

Here is an artist who does watercolors that I really like:

Melanie of "The Creators Palette"
-- on Etsy at http://www.TheCreatorsPalette.etsy/com
-- a listing on the Design Style Guide website at http://www.designstyleguide.net/listingDetails.php?li=25

Here is someone who's pottery I really like -- especially the Leaf Pottery:

Tara Robertson Pottery
-- on etsy at http://www.trpottery.etsy.com
-- a listing on the Design Style Guide website at http://www.designstyleguide.net/listingDetails.php?li=20

And here is some people who have images in various mediums that are eco-friendly and of wildlife and horses:

Wysiwigs and Epic Farms (same people)
-- on etsy at http://www.Wysiwigs.etsy.com and http://www.EpicFarms.etsy.com (for horselovers)
-- a listing on Design Style Guide website at http://www.designstyleguide.net/listingDetails.php?li=321

Hopefully more of the talented people in the Design Style Guide will get their listings up on our relatively new website.

Of course, they are always on Etsy!!

Enjoy the handmade art!!


Saturday, November 8, 2008


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Well, I really like making things for kids!

I once made a stuffed giraffe -- I crocheted the pieces and stuffed and sewed them together -- of course, it may have been a big kid that got it as I donated it to a local hospital for their Christmas party for their long-term patients. Don't have a picture -- that was about 6 years ago.

But I have been making some winter clothing for kids to put in my etsy shop and to donate to an Annual Clothing Giveaway (which I will cover in another post later).

I had fun making this hat with 3 strands of yarn held together to make it bulky, warm and big enough for a kid:

The combination of colors in the yarn give a "woodsy" look and it is sort of in the shape of a Robin Hood hat. Here's the Etsy listing: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16940111

I also put together a sweater set for a 12 month old - a sweater, a hat and a pair of mitts (thumbless mittens) in a "flecked" baby pink:

I literally put it together -- using a chart for sizing the pieces and knitting it with a rib stitch for the cuffs, bottom and neckband and with stockinette stitch for the body of all pieces. Here it is on Etsy! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16568838

Here's some closeups:

It was fun to do -- and I do believe it is quite cute!!

I can make it in different sizes and different lengths and different colors and different fibers.

And, I know from personal experience that this type of yarn is warm, especially when it is knitted this way!!

Good for the cool/cold days coming!!


Friday, November 7, 2008


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I like to do complicated, detailed crochet designs.
This is one of those - a doily that is 16 inches in diameter - from point to point.
The pattern came off the Internet - www.angelfire.com/folk/celtwich/HeatherHill.html. According to that listing, it is from a book "Priscilla Doilies Book No. 111" -- a design by the well-known designer, Priscilla, who I really admire.
As usual, I did it my way - in Lavender and Dark Purple with Lavender beads on the edge.
Here are some closeups, first of the center and, second, of the outer section.
On the picture just above, if you look close, you can see the Lavender glass seed beads on the edge.
This is done in a fine thread that is considered heirloom weight -- Lavender DMC Cebelia size 30 cotton crochet thread.
The thread in Dark Purple is a shaded color -- DMC Pearl Cotton size 8.
These threads are high quality cotton threads that are wonderful to work with and make beautiful items!!
This is listed in my shop: http://www.rssdesignsinfiber.etsy.com/ --

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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Monday, November 3, 2008


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Went to one of my favorite stores today - Trader Joe's!!

When I go shopping these days -- and for a number of years -- I take my own reusable shopping bags with me.

I do this for several reasons - most importantly, I can't stand either paper bags or those disposable plastic bags that most stores give out.

I greatly prefer my collection of reusable shopping bags that are either heavy duty canvas or long-lasting plastic ones that hold more than anything the stores give out and don't fall apart.

Today I had 3 reusable shopping bags and a rolling knapsack with me. By the time I got to Trader Joe's, 2 of the reusable shopping bags and the rolling knapsack were full -- and I knew I would need 2 more, so I decided to buy another one of Trader Joe's reusable bags that they sell.

Well, lately I had seen this new one in my "local" Trader Joe's. I had already read the info on it -- it was made 100% of recycled plastic bottles - and I knew that that was the one I was going to buy today and I did.

Here it is, folks -- and read the balloon message on the bag!!

....at least some of those plastic bottles I've recycled are being put to good use!!

Find your "local" Trader Joe's here: http://www.traderjoes.com/

I realy love this "chain" of stores!! Been shopping there for over 20 years -- even when I had to go find one in another community.

My "local" Trader Joe's - well, I was one of those people in the Antelope Valley calling their corporate office asking when they were going to put one here before there was one. I use to have to go down to one of the valleys south of here to find one.

Go there regularly now -- the guys running it are great -- great products (even if they do change periodically) and great service!!

Find one near you -- or not so near you -- you might find it worth it to go!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

e2, The Economies of Being Environmentally Conscious - a Show on PBS -- California Laws Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Television is not my favorite thing -- especially the regular networks.

So, last night, avoiding all the typical shows around Halloween, I ended up watching PBS on KCET from Los Angeles.

I just sort of stumbled on this show - it came on after something else I had watched.

I was so glad to hear what was said -- it was one of a series of programs on PBS, "e2 is an ongoing PBS series about the economies of being environmentally conscious with a combination of policy, technology and ingenuity, from energy consumption to building efficiency. It chronicles global efforts to solve pressing ecological challenges." http://www.pbs.org/e2/

This particular show was about California's bills that have passed the legislature and been signed which set standards for greenhouse gas emissions -- both with some vehicles and in industry -- by certain dates.

According to one of the experts on the show, the standards set should put California's level of greenhouse gas emissions down to the levels of 1990 - 18 years ago.

Of course, this means enforcing the standards.

What I also liked hearing was that per the legislation on industry standards, industries cannot import dirty energy -- such as that from burning coal -- from other states.

I felt like jumping for joy!!

Maybe we can do something on a massive level to keep this planet living!!

California is apparently leading the way in the USA in climate change laws -- with some states following our example.

Of course, I would like to see it at the Federal level, but I am glad to be living in a state that is doing something about how human impact causes climate change/global warming!

Something keeps running through my mind -- many of the larger buses in Los Angeles run on Natural Gas because it is considered Clean Energy -- I was in a cab in Los Angeles last Monday that was "Natural Gas Only". The taxi cab driver told me that in many asian/eastern countries, a large percentage of the cars run on Natural Gas.

In the United States, can you buy commercial cars that run on Natural Gas and are there places where you can buy Natural Gas for private vehicles?

I don't drive a car now for medical reasons, but I think this would be something to look into. Many of the Hybrids that you can buy commercially have really good mileage, but still use gas from oil which causes greenhouse emissions.

Car manufacturers who make cars for gas from oil keep pushing on needing oil and are warning that some standards are going to make it difficult to have the popluar SUV's meet the standards. But, logically, I can't help but wonder because if large buses can run on Natural Gas, why can't a SUV??????

We are going to need to change the way we think -- and the manufacturers are going to have to re-think some things. I am aware that changing how you manufacture a vehicle will mean possibly difficult changes in the factories that will cost money, but we need to weigh the "costs" -- the negative impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and a way to have clean energy running our vehicles!!

And, oh, I checked out the sponsor of the PBS show -- http://www.autodesk.com/green -- "Autodesk supports sustainable design awareness and adoption through leadership, design solutions, and sponsorship programs."

Autodesk's Sustainability Initiative:
1. Conduct Our Business Responsibly
2. Optimize the Environmental Impact of Our Operations
3. Make Our Products the Best Available for doing Sustainable Design
4. Amplify Our Impact by Partnering with Leading Innovators

Sustainable Design - including for manufacturers.

At least they are trying to do something!! They are contributing to a green economy!!

It gives me hope!!

Support sustainable living at all levels!!


ECOETSY AUCTION FOR A CAUSE - About 10 hours left to bid!!!

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Well, folks, this is the last day -- about 10 hours left on our auction for a donation to The Nature Conservancy!!

Check out the EcoEtsy blog: http://ecoetsy.blogspot.com/

Check out the auction page: http://www.ecoetsy.com/auction-oct2008.html

Check out the photo album of what's being auctioned off: http://ecoetsyauction.myphotoalbum.com/

What we are doing is part of a green economy.

What The Nature Conservancy does is part of a a green economy and a live planet!!

Be part of it!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

UPDATE! EcoEtsy AUCTION FOR A CAUSE - 1 Day Left To Bid!

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October 30th is tomorrow!! 1 day left from the time I am writing this to bid on our basket of eco-friendly goodies with the proceeds going to The Nature Conservancy!!

Read our EcoEtsy blog, http://ecoetsy.blogspot.com for news and pictures of the donated items -- and the update! See some detailed photos and info about the people who made them and how!!

Bid and get the auction information at: http://www.ecoetsy.com/auction-oct2008.html

Photo Album of the items donated: http://ecoetsyauction.myphotoalbum.com/

The Nature Conservancy, with all the land and ecosystems they have protected over the years, is very deserving of the donation!! And, actually, what a fun bunch of goodies to win!!

If you haven't already -- check it out!! If you have - or have bidded, see where the bidding is at now!


Sunday, October 26, 2008


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Our EcoEtsy AUCTION FOR A CAUSE is still ongoing with some bids already put in -- yes, we have some bids and if you are interested in it and haven't bid yet, you'll need to bid yourself by the Thursday evening (Oct. 30th)!
After today (Sunday), there are 4 days left to bid on the collection of about 60 handmade, eco-minded items!!

Take a look at the pictures of what has been donated and is being auctioned off:
Remember -- the proceeds go to The Nature Conservancy!!
I have a picture here of the bag I crocheted for the Auction. It is a small bag - about 3 1/2 inches in diameter and 5 inches high. It is green, ecru and glittering sienna.

Us like-minded folks in EcoEtsy really have the welfare of our environment and the people who live in it on our minds (you should see our emailing sometimes!). We really make an effort to live our lives and conduct our businesses in such a way as not to harm our environment and maybe even help it!!

Below I will quote my favorite philosopher on the environment, Aldo Leopold, in that there is a value to protecting our environment even if there doesn't seem to be a commercial profit in it. Protecting elements in our environment that are essential to its healthy functioning, even if that protection doesn't have a commercial value, is important for our lives. Of course, if you find new ways to use things that would otherwise be thrown out, you can reduce waste (good for the environment) and save money you would otherwise have spent on something new (good for your pocketbook), but some economists would tell you that consumer spending is a good sign of the economy - I would say to find other things to spend your money on while Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

Aldo Leopold from "Substitutes For a Land Ethic", which is part of "The Land Ethic", which is part of "The Upshot" in the book, A Sand County Alamanc, copyright 1966 by Oxford University Press:

"To sum up: a system of conservation based solely on economic self-interest is hopelessly lopsided. It tends to ignore, and thus eventually eliminate, many elements in the land community that lack commercial value, but are (as far as we know) essential to its healthy functioning. It assumes, falsely, I think, that the economic parts of the biotic clock will function without the uneconomic parts. It tends to relegate to government many functions too large, too complex, or too widely dispersed to be performed by government.

"An ethical obligation on the part of the private owner is the only visible rememdy for these situations."

We, in EcoEtsy, who are putting on our AUCTION FOR A CAUSE, are private owners.

The Nature Conservancy is an organization who's funding is based on donations from private owners and who works to protect those uneconomic parts that are so essential to the healthy functioning of the land community we live in -- to our "web of life".

We, at EcoEtsy, are trying to be ethical in our lives and businesses - and our AUCTION FOR A CAUSE is part of that.

From me, Thanks to everyone who has participated - our EcoEtsy Co-Leaders, the donators, the bidders and all who helped promoting!!


P.S. - You can find the book, A Sand County Almanac, online - and through the Aldo Leopold Foundation, http://www.aldoleopold.org/.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


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I have some more favorites from the Design Style Guide (search for tag: interiordesignteam) on www.etsy.com.

I am truly amazed at some of the beautiful, artistic work I see for sale on Etsy!!

I look through some of the Treasuries on Etsy -- and some of the items just pop out at me -- they appeal to me artistically and some of them are very practical -- of course some are purely decorative!

But I am of the opinion that it is important to have some beauty in your home to enjoy -- whatever you admire and whatever you can afford. There is an amazing selection on Etsy -- at all dollar levels!!

So here are a few people on etsy who I think are worth checking out!!

1. Very Earthy Pottery by Rob Drexel from New Mexico -- I just love it!!

2. Absolutely beautiful handmade quilts by Betty Grafton!! I like them all - but at this moment, I am partial to the Unicorn!! http://www.bettsquilts.etsy.com

3. I so admire the paintings of Slavko!! He has original paintings, some prints, some really detailed artistic pendants and some sculptures in his shop!! http://www.slavko.etsy.com

4. I like stained glass - I have had a stained glass suncatcher of a harp hanging in my home since the 1980's!! I discovered a suncatcher of a Cardinal by Dianas Stained Glass on Etsy and was pleasantly surprised - I also like her lamp with "Paddy the Pinto" in stained glass (I am a bit partial to horses in art!). http://www.DianasStainedGlass.etsy.com

So that's a few more talented people on Etsy!!

For pictures, look to the right and down here on my blog -- I have a display of MY FAVORITES on Etsy -- you can click on the pictures to see the listing and get to their shop!!