Thursday, April 18, 2019

I Agree - No Pebble Mine in Alaska! See A Video!!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I have been reading about the proposed "Pebble Mine" in Alaska for years now.  Right away I was against it, but then I heard about it from Conservation Photographer, Robert Glenn Ketchum -- and have seen a number of his stunning photographs of the area in which they are proposing to put such a Mine.

See Robert Glenn Ketchum's Blog Series about Stopping the Pebble Mine here:

I have never made it to Alaska - though I thought about it years ago, but Robert Glenn Ketchum has spent time in Alaska - I first got his book about the Tongass National Forest and his activism there years ago - see his blog series on that here:

Here is a Video from the NRDC - National Resource Defense Council - an effective environmental group I really got familiar with during the Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign (now Sierra Forest Legacy ) back in the late 1990's - early 2000's in California - as they were a major legal force in that campaign - including the Giant Sequoia National Monument Public Process, which I blogged about years ago .

But This is a Video about another major issue the NRDC is a major legal force on - the proposed "Pebble Mine" - and this Video deals with a major problem with the proposed "Pebble Mine" in Alaska - major Earthquake Problems, as the area in which they propose to put the mine has high seismic activity, which I read about somewhere years ago.  I, personally, totally agree with the NRDC and Robert Glenn Ketchum on stopping the "Pebble Mine" totally - as I think it would be total folly to create such a mine - for a whole lot of reasons at this point - and reading what the NRDC and Robert Glenn Ketchum have to say about it the best thing you can do (I am not going to try to re-say what they have said much better than I ever could). 

You also might want to follow Robert Glenn Ketchum's Facebook Page, "No Pebble Mine":

There is also a webpage on the NRDC website with all kinds of information on what has gone on with the battle to save Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine with its 50 Million+ wild fish in the runs there annually - world's greatest wild salmon fishery!!
Stop the Pebble Mine:

But right now, I recommend you watch this video for some accurate information about this major problem with the proposed "Pebble Mine" - get a good idea why it should not be done from this video - and If you feel like doing some Activism - there is a link at the end of the description of the video to a page at NRDC for sending a comment letter. -- I already sent a comment letter there myself.

I think the already existing, high successful Alaskan Salmon Fishery, which is where the "Pebble Mine" is proposed, is much more important than the proposed damaging open pit mine for more Gold and Copper, which I think we can live without.

Watch this Video!!!