Friday, August 28, 2009

Artisan Feature - A New Series Here on RSS Designs In Fiber ...

Ruth Sandra Sperling

I have found in the months since I started my blog here, that I enjoy the writing and the arranging of graphics, while doing the blog posts.

Members of my family might say things - like - oh, she was always good at writing letters.

Fellow-students or past-teachers might say that she was competent at writing papers and reports.

Past- employers sometimes use to ask me to write letters, though I was not actually a secretary.

What it really comes down to is that -- for some reason, at some times, I enjoy writing and do it well enough.

From what feedback I got when I almost got into a writing course, I am a little too wordy. I try - to be more concise, to find better ways to say things with less words, but sometimes I just want to say something a certain way!

Well, after considering it for some time, I have decided to start a new venture on my blog here, which is sort of a journal, but also, I hope, a source of information for some people (that is why I often have so many links to documents on the Internet in my blog posts).

My new venture is a Series of Features of different types of Artisans.

Now I was just thinking - why the word "Artisans"?

Definition of Artisan from the American Heritage Dictionary:
"A person manually skilled in making a particular product; craftsman. [ Lat. artitus, skilled in the arts, p.part. of artire, to instruct in the arts < ars, art.]

Why not the word "Artist"?

Definition of Artist from the American Heritage Dictionary:
1. One who creates works of art, esp. a painter, sculptor, or musician. 2. Any person who performs his work as if it were an art.

Actually, since my goal is to Interview and Feature those who make things in such a way that I admire them, and I want to tell the world about them and give them a chance to tell the world through my blog -- and I am talking about those who manually make things -- I prefer the word "Artisan", though these Artisans, at least in my humble opinion, are, for the most part, Artists!!

So, this is an ANNOUNCEMENT!!

Starting with the following blog post, I am going to be doing Features of certain Artisans that I have learned about -

-- by posting the questions that I sent them with the answers they wrote me back -- and inserting the photographs that they sent me with the questions and answers.

I do it this way - because - I feel that the person being interviewed has the right to state in their own words what they want to present -- this is their right to full editing of what they say!!

I hope to do about 2 a month, but not on any particular schedule -- just as I can fit them in -- between the other events and occurences in my life!

I hope they are entertaining, informative - and also beautiful, at least to some extent!

If you are curious enough - well - follow my blog!

May it turn out to be beneficial to all concerned!!

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