Monday, September 21, 2009

ARTISAN FEATURE: Sherry of Sherry's Garden

Ruth Sandra Sperling

Sherry of Sherry's Garden and I became "Internet friends" over time after "meeting" in an online crochet group. As things went, we started emailing outside the group about all kinds of subjects in addition to our crochet. We've kept up over time -- and I always have liked her crocheted flowers in so many different perky colors. I make my own for my own crochet, but for all those out there who just want to pick some up to put on -- who knows what -- Sherry of Sherry's Garden may be the best shop to go to ....

Sherry of Sherry's Garden

Question: What places do you sell your Thread Crochet on the Internet?

Answer: I only sell on Etsy:

Question: Do you ever sell your own Thread Crochet offline? If so, Where & Why?

Answer: Donate to Hopefully Yours, a thrift shop in Burlington, Iowa that benefits Hope Haven, school and residence for mentally challenged kids & adults.

Question: What kinds of Thread Crochet do you do (including methods, techniques, materials etc.) and prefer?

Answer: I make crochet flowers as supplies for other crafters, some are acylic/polyester and some are cotton, most done in size 10 or 20 threads. Lots of colors and sizes.

Question: Are there any particular Thread Crochet designers that you prefer? Please Name them, state Why & What kinds of designs.

Answer: I love the floral crochet doily designs! RSS designs and Demet's lovely work, all of the great ladies that make the floral doilies.

Question: How did you learn Thread Crochet? Did (Do) you teach yourself or take classes?

Answer: I taught myself to crochet for the most part, my grandmother helped me some.

Question: How long have you been doing Thread Crochet? - Go into your Personal History in it as much as you want to here, such as why you started doing Thread Crochet and any inspirations and/or people who interested you in it.

Answer: I started doing thread crochet 40 years ago. My grandmother made doilies and I loved the look of them, and she was such a great lady I wanted to do something to please her and to as creative as she was. I did doilies and tablecloths for a long time, then found the flowers were quicker and more useful to other crafters. Just about any color combination works for me, and there are thousands of possibilities.

Question: Are there other interests in your life that you would like to discuss (hobbies, charities, other careers)?

Answer: The only other interests in my life are my family and my pets!

Question: To anyone who is interested in learning and doing Thread Crochet, do you have any suggestions or recommendations?

Answer: Go outside the norm with your crochet. Experiment with colors and textures and go with what pleases you.

Question: Do you have a blog or website where you discuss or showcase your Thread Crochet?

Answer: My blog is about a lot of things; my crochet, sewing, cooking, and most dear to me, dogs.

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