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This is a Video Slide Show Presenting Many of the Handmade Heart Pieces I Have Made Over The Years!

HEARTS - or the Heart Shape as we currently depict it - is now considered a Symbol of:

  • Love
  • Affection
  • Friendship
  • Affinity
  • Camaraderie

-- and sometimes a few other things as our imaginations and feelings allow!!

They are nice for Valentine's Day - and many other occasions concerning Love and Friendship!

I admit -- it is one of my favorite symbols -- and since starting to do my "Designs In Fiber",  I have done HEARTS in different crochet techniques -- and sizes -- and threads and yarns .... and Colors!!

Different Colors of Hearts signify different types of Love or Friendship:

  • Red Heart = Passionate Romantic True Love
  • Pink Heart = Sweetness, Sensitivity, Fidelity, Steadfast Friendship
  • Purple Heart = Mysterious, Faithful Deep Love
  • Blue Heart = Pure Honest Love
  • Yellow Heart = Happy Daily Love

I often love combining Hearts with FLOWERS - it is such a beautiful and romantic combination!!

So here are some photos of different designs I have made  -- with and my own Video!!

I sell some of my "Designs In Fiber" -- and some are available Online:

 -  and anyone can contact me through this blog to Request a Custom Order privately by email!!

 Red Hearts and Flowers Table Topper - Handmade Crochet By Ruth Sandra Sperling at RSS Designs In Fiber

Lavender Beaded Irish Crochet Heart with Plum Purple 3D Roses - Handmade by Ruth Sandra Sperling - RSS Designs In Fiber

Made-To-Order Etsy  Listing for An Irish Crochet Lace Heart - Choose one of 5 colors

Big Burgundy Irish Crochet Heart with 3D Pink Roses - Wall Hanging or Pillow Top - in Cotton Yarn

Lovebird In Heart - Fine Filet Crochet Lace Heart
Red Hearts in White Picot Lace - Coaster-Size Doily - Set of 2

And these are a few more of the Handmade Crochet I have made with Hearts -- All of these have already Sold ---

Sold!!  Garnet Red Irish Crochet Heart with 3D Pink Roses & Pearls

Sold!! Lavender Heart with Purple 3D Roses

Sold!!  Yellow Irish Crochet Heart with 3D Roses

Sold!!  Red & Pink Irish Crochet Heart with 3D Roses & Pearl Beads

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