Monday, January 16, 2012

HEARTS and FLOWERS Make For Romantic Table Decor - For Valentine's Day?

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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This HEARTS and FLOWERS Table Runner has gotten around quite a bit these last few weeks!!

It took it out of this pattern I have of a Tablecloth --a section of it -- I thought that this idea of Flowers  on each side of Hearts made a nice theme - Romantic!

Of course, I did it in a somewhat brighter color palette of Wild Rose and Garnet Red (rather than the typical White and/or Pale Pink)!  I tend to like brighter Table Decor Accessories!!

I thought ..... well, maybe someone would like it for a Romantic Dinner, whether it was for  a specific occasion or not -- or someone might want it for a Valentine's Day Table -- or a Wedding!!

Possibly this Coaster and Napkin Ring Set would go with it:

Crocheted Lace Coaster Doily & Napkin Ring Set with 3D Burgundy Roses on Pink, Flower Decor, Romantic, Thread Crochet Art

Or this Irish Crochet Heart with Three Roses inside it - crocheted in the exact same threads as the "Hearts and Flowers Table Runner"!!

I am actually a hopeless Romantic -- and I love making Flowers and Hearts!!