Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Crocheted Lace Pink Tulips in A Collection of Handmade Perfect Holiday Pinks? How Novel!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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How many of you think of the Color PINK for your WINTER HOLIDAY celebrations????  Decor or What to Wear????

My first thought on it, as I put in my Title, is:  How Novel!!!

In this case, the word "Novel" meaning:  "adj. Striking, new, unusual or different"!

But if you check - and I did out of curiosity on PINTEREST - you will find references to "Pink Christmas" etc. etc.  Looks like it mostly falls into the styles of Shabby Chic or Art Deco or Modernist Styles -- but maybe some of the people are just being Original!!

PINK is certainly not a traditional WINTER HOLIDAY Color, but for some??!!

I was rather pleased that Anne Hopfer of On Fire For Handmade chose to put this one of my Handmade Crocheted Lace pieces, pictured above, in one of her Great Finds.  Crocheting a 22 1/2 Inch piece in  Size 30 Crochet Threads is quite a lot of crocheting!!

PINK is a popular color in Fashion and Decor -- and this week's "Great Finds" by On Fire For Handmade is full of some Handmade Finds in PINK - and I'll bet there is someone somewhere who would like some of them for a Gift!!

Here's a photo of all of the "Perfect Holiday Pinks Great Finds" - but go to the link, maybe click on a few - and you can always Vote for your Favorite!