Sunday, September 29, 2013

Making Known Handmade, Art, Vintage You Can Find For Gifts - Or Yourself!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE

Pinterest Board:  2013 Fall and Winter Gift Ideas

There's a group of us who have decided to join together and from now until mid-December, we will post some of our own items we sell online, that we think will make good Gifts this Fall and Winter Holiday Season -- and then we will cross-promote them all!!

Obviously, we feel have something valuable to offer the world!

Many of these items are Brand New Handmade -- and some are so Unique as to be One-Of-A-Kind -- in other words you won't find duplicates of some of these items elsewhere!!

If you like having things that are somewhat Unique - well take a look at what we have!!

We have a weekly Blog Hop, set up by Julie Cleveland of Blue Morning Expressions, where we each post our items for the week.  I'm doing the Blog Hop here on my blog.

For instance, my items for this current week are:

Crocheted Earthy Choker with Carved Wood Pendant and Wood Beads

Fall Orange Flower Meadow Lace Oval

Folk Art Orange Green Tan Woven Crochet Basket - 10 Inch

I'm promoting through December on Pinterest - the Pinterest Board pictured at the top.  I update it regularly with new items from the group.  So far, as of the second week, I think we have had 196 items to show off and I am working on posting them all -- and by mid-December, you may find that there are over 1,000 items -- and quite a variety, too!!

From Jewelry, some of which is pretty much "art to wear" - to special Holiday Cards, Tags, Bags - to all kinds of Decor and Housewares.

Here are just a few of the items in different categories!!!


Black and White Beaded Watch Ladies Womens Stainless Handmade Bead
Black and White Beaded Ladies Watch by Blue Morning Expressions

Handmade Original Dichroic Glass Pendant w Brilliant Shapes and Colors
Handmade Dichroic Glass Pendant with embedded shapes and colors by Umeboshi

Colorful Twisted Handmade Pearl Necklace Multi Strand Beaded Jewelry
Handmade Multi Strand Pearl Necklace by Shadow Dog Designs


Merry Christmas Silver Ornament Handcrafted Greeting Card
Merry Christmas Card by Cards by Libe

Holiday Christmas Gift Tags with Season Greetings Phrases
Handmade Holiday Gift Tags by Adore by Nat

Penguin Gift Bag, Christmas Tote Sack, Burlap
Handmade Penguin Gift Bag by Christie Cottage


Amber Glass Plate with Floating Orange, Red and Green Accents, 7 x 5
Handmade Glass Plate Inspired by the Leaves of Autumn by Resetar Glass Art

Quilted Gingerbread Table Runner
Handmade Quilted Gingerbread Boy Table Runner by Putnam Lake Designs

Bear Dream Catcher With Bear Scene Inside Paw Print Handcrafted Wood
Handcrafted Wood Dream Catcher of Bear Scene Inside Paw Print by Kevs Krafts

Fall Harvest Apron and Matching Pot Holder Autumn Prints
Fall Harvest Apron and Pot Holder by Quilt Tops

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Autumn Garden Scenes - Me and Some Friends on Artfire

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE

Some Artfire Friends and I tend to do things SEASONALLY .... I guess it is just the way we think???!!!

Well, some of my customers think and buy SEASONALLY, though some just are buying my Decor items because they match a Color Theme in their home.

Well - it is FALL or AUTUMN now -- and out come the Oranges and Golds and Browns and Beiges and Coppers - along with some others!

This is an Artfire Collection made by a fellow-seller on Artfire, Crafts of the Past -- and I like this one particularly:  "Autumn Garden Scenes" --

-- and my own crocheted Pumpkin Coaster Set is included!!

But that is not all -- I like the whole Collection - from Paintings to Embroidery to Artistic Jewelry!!

Take a look at all the items on Artfire by clicking on "Autumn Garden Scenes"!!