Friday, May 23, 2014

Time to Gradually Re-Open My Etsy Shop

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Lace Pink Round Coaster Set of 2 with 3D Burgundy Red Crocheted Rose
Pink and Burgundy Red Napkin Rings with 3D Burgundy Red Rose

For those of you who have been reading this blog of mine, they may remember the days when I was selling on Etsy!

Went through some Life Changes in 2012 - and everything I had to sell online was in my Artfire Studio for some time - but now it is finally time to re-join some of my friends on Etsy - including the Interior Design Style people (in an Etsy Team) - and other Handmade Artisans that I have networked with for years!

The first 4 listings that I have started the Re-opening with include the Coaster and Napkin Ring set pictured above - and the other photos below - both in Thread Crochet and Yarn.

All Online Venues for Selling - including Handmade - go through changes - and Etsy has gone through its share of changes since my Etsy Shop was active, including an About Page, which I did for my Etsy Shop!

Over the next few days, I will be adding MORE listings, so I actually have a Shop there again!!

Ah-h-h - the Changes of Life, but I am looking forward to interacting and networking with some of my Handmade friends on Etsy - including some amazing Artisans of Decor from Interior Design Style (formerly Design Style Guide) - and a number of Crochet Artists who I am still friends with on Facebook!!

So, if you're looking for something you've seen that I've made - look on ETSY - or Bonanza - or for links on this blog - to see where it is!

Double Ruffle Yellow and Orange Field of Flowers Thread Crochet Art Doily

Purple and Black Flower Crochet Brooch or Applique with Lavender Beading

Desert Sands Basket and Mat Decor Set