Saturday, July 27, 2013

Art in Handmade I've Found on Artfire

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE

Artfire Collection curated by RSS Designs In Fiber - Pink To Burgundy

I spent a fair amount of time putting together this Artfire Collection.

I like the Color Combination or Theme of what I call "Pink To Burgundy" - encompassing all shades in that Color Range from a Pale Pink to a Deep Burgundy Red.

I had read online that even though this is not the Color Theme of the year - according to the authority, Pantone -- it has it's own niche both in DECOR and FASHION -- I have seen discussions of this online.

So, I went hunting on Artfire for Handmade and Fine Art (a specialized type of Handmade) with these colors featured in them -- and found the Collection pictured above.

Everything in this Collection is made by the person who has the Studio the item is in - some are in the top category FINE ART and some are in the top category HANDMADE.

Every single piece in this collection, to me, has some ARTISTIC QUALITY that sets it apart - showing the Care (and Talent?) of the Artisan who created it.

I hope All ENJOY it!!

(Note:  Click on the Caption of the Photo of the Collection to go to the Collection on Artfire itself -- and then to each of the featured items in it.)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Sharing more about Wildlife - from Pinterest

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE

This is Great!!!  But be careful - don't get  between Momma Bear and her cubs!!!  Maybe they would like a bag of peanuts to chomp on!!
Image from Pinterest - Momma Bear with Cubs

I just love Wildlife!!!

I saw this on Pinterest and had to Pin It to my Environmental Interests Board in my Pinterest!  I was re-pinning it from NRDC BIOGEMS.

It has been re-pinned a bunch of times.

I have actually seen Bears in the Wild - including with Bear Cubs!  Just be sure not to get between Momma Bear and her Cubs -- Momma Bears are very protective!!

An additional Note:  Bears need large areas for roaming and getting food -- we need large Wildlife Corridors in areas that are Bear Habitat!  You wonder why you see News Reports about Bears in Communities around California Forests -- those Communities are part of those Bears' Wildlife Corridors!!  It is their home!!

And California has lots of Forests, which are all part of the California Floristic Province, a Globally Significant Biodiversity Hotspot -- and protecting Bear Habitat and Wildlife Corridors is part of Global Biodiversity!!!

Pinterest is great for sharing lots of Images -- but it is also great for Environmental Education, after all, a Picture is worth a 1000 words!!!

Seeing this photograph of a Momma Bear with her Cubs -- did you learn something?????

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Hand-Crocheted Orange Pumpkins Featured As A Handmade Great Find

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE

Fall Harvest Pumpkin Coaster Set - 5 pieces - Textured Crochet
Pumpkins Coaster Set - Textured Crochet - Nature In Art

I am in a Group of Handmade Artisans -- and the Theme is "Are You ON FIRE FOR HANDMADE?"

Well, to be honest, if you have no interest in Handmade - don't bother to read any further.  HANDMADE is what this is All About!!

I am Big On - and a Supporter - of HANDMADE - for several reasons!!!  

1. I have always enjoyed doing it since I was a little kid, very little really - I wanted to make things!  

2. I think Handmade is good for others to do for quite a few reasons.  

3. I think Handmade is good for the world - it can be done with quite low carbon emissions compared to the mass-made, mass-marketed items you can buy in stores - and, actually, if you are careful, you will get items of much higher quality for the same amount of money (though I do admit, like anything else in the world, you need to be watchful) -- and if you get them Custom Made, you get the Colors, Shapes, Designs, Materials that you want, not just what is available on the store shelf!!!!

So-o-o, I am Happy that this week (July 6th thru July 12th 2013) my Hand-Crocheted Set of 5 Textured Pumpkin Coasters, pictured above, is in the GREAT FINDS run by ON FIRE FOR HANDMADE  -- see the lower right-hand corner of this Screen-Shot Photo:

Outrageous Orange Great Finds by On Fire For Handmade

Outrageous?? Well, Maybe!  They are a somewhat bright Orange!!  I have never forgotten years ago hearing locally that someone who liked to give parties was looking for a set of Crocheted Pumpkins for a Halloween party -- by the time I heard, it was too late for me to do them and make them available for that Holiday.  But, I thought, you never know -- someone may still be looking for some, someday -- and I had this great pattern that I could "adjust" some to make these -- and with the textured stitches, the green stems and the green leaves, they actually look like Pumpkins, LOL!!  

It was also fun making them!!  I like crocheting -- and watching the "images" unfold!!

GREAT FINDS - the Event by ON FIRE FOR HANDMADE - is actually a Voting Event with Winners - and you can Vote for Your Favorite Handmade item in it, but I also think that just being in it is both Fun - and Great, because it shows off some really excellent pieces of Handmade - and I think that is GOOD!!