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Finding Artistic Handmade Jewelry - Part 1 -- Hand - Designed Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE

ARTISTIC HANDMADE JEWELRY??? ~~~ What is it anyway? ~~~  I've been inter-acting with other Handmade Artisans online for some years now -- including those who make different kinds of Jewelry.  

Some make the Beads or Pendants themselves and sell them individually or incorporate what they make into complete Jewelry pieces -- some are Designers who have truly made an Art of combining different components in Multi-Color Designs!!

I'm starting in Part 1 of a 3-Part Series with Featuring 5 pieces of what I see as rather Special, Artistic Jewelry that are Hand-Designed with Care, Thought - and for most of these Artisans - some kind of Creative "Process"!!

Tree of Life Pendant Necklace Handmade Rustic Magnesite Gemstones OOAK
Handmade Necklace by Shadow Dog Designs with Tree of Life Pendant

"Shadow Dog Designs" is Catherine Waterhouse - she has her own way of putting together her Handmade pieces of Jewelry - and here is her own words on it:

How do I design jewelry? I get asked that all the time and usually I say "I don't really know".  That's not a flip answer because it's mostly true.  Sometimes, very rarely, I "see" a design in my head; in that case, the jewelry designs itself.  Most of the time I have to play with gemstones, color combinations and textures until the design feels right. Sometimes I have to walk away from a design and let it set for hours, days or even weeks. And sometimes, nothing works and the elements are put away for another day.  For the ARBOL DE LA VIDA necklace, I knew I wanted to keep the design on the rustic side to mimic the gorgeous ancient look to the Gabriel Polymer Clay Tree Pendant.  Over the course of 1-2 weeks, I tried many different strands of gemstones from my stash and nothing worked.  It wasn't until I made a trip to my favorite bead store in Las Cruces, NM, that I found the perfect strand: Earthy Turquoise Magnesite Discs that mimicked the circular bits around the tree and tied into the color of the handmade pendant perfectly. Each disc in the necklace was picked individually to complement its neighbor and provide an interesting flow of color and texture.  I can't tell you how many times, I took off and rearranged the discs until it was right.  Brass Beads Antiqued to a dark color were chosen, once again, to mimic the round bits of the pendant and to provide fluidity to the necklace.  A hand cast bronze toggle clasp from a wonderful artist in Arizona was used to finish the necklace - it was chosen because the pattern reminded me of tree bark.  I absolutely love the ARBOL DE LA VIDA necklace and hope it finds a good forever home that appreciates all the time, energy and positive mojo that went into its creation!!!


Summertime Blues Handmade Adjustable Bracelet
Summertime Blues Handmade Adjustable Bracelet by JNL Designs

Linda of "JNL Designs" designed this Gorgeous Charm Bracelet!  Here, in her own words Quoted from the Artfire Listing, shows how she put it together!

Under "Inspiration" -- I designed this gorgeous around the focal point. I saw this slider and fell in love with it. My imagination ran away from me and started designing this beautiful bracelet. I love blues and turquoise as a color scheme.

Under "Description" -- Antique silver plated flower slider..which I used as the focal (it has turquoise color within). ----- All of the beads have been hand wired wrapped and the attached to the chain for more security. The chain is silver plated and I have attached a lobster clasp so that you may attach it to a link to fit your wrist. At the other end of the chain I have attached to beads to dangle off the chain. A great gift for a March birthday or for someone who loves Spring and Summer with all the luscious colors of these Seasons.


Dumortierite Gemstone Copper and Czech Glass Necklace
Dumotierite Gemstone - Copper - and Czech Glass Handmade Necklace by Solana Kai Designs
Barbara  of "Solana Kai Designs" Hand-designed this Necklace when she found the beautiful Copper Beads and Bead Caps - here is how in her own words:

I began stringing “love beads” as a teenager, but didn't take up jewelry making in earnest until many years later.  Most of my knowledge has been acquired slowly and organically, by reading through bead magazines and books, learning from peers with particular expertise, and a good amount of trial and error.  At the moment, I'm taking a metalwork class, which is proving to be very inspirational.
Typically, the way I create is to start by finding one particular bead or focal pendant that catches my fancy.  Next, l explore my “stash” to see what options I have that will best compliment the initial ingredient.  If all of the right pieces can't be found at home, I'll wait until the missing piece presents itself.  I often start out with one intention, only to find that serendipity is at work!  In the case of this necklace, I was at a gem fair and
fell in love with the copper beads and bead caps.  That sent me searching for the perfect accompaniments and voila!  I found these gorgeous deep blue Dumortierite gemstones and Marea AB finish faceted Czech glass beads, all of which complimented each other and brought out the best of each element!


Peruvian Pendant,Turquoise,Agate,Jasper,African SandBead Necklace
Handmade Necklace by Specialtivity - Peruvian Pendant with Turquoise - Agate - Jasper

Kathy of "Specialtivity" puts her Heart and Soul into each piece of Wearable ART she makes - in her own words:

My creative process for creating my wearable art usually starts with some sort of inspiration whether it's from the beautiful gemstones and beads in my stash or a dream (yes I actually dream about designing jewelry) :) .  Sometimes I will draw out a plan on my sketch pad of how I would like the piece to look, other times I just start with something that catches my eye as in this Peruvian pendant necklace and let my creative juices flow.  I knew when I purchased the Peruvian bead that I wanted it to be the focal of the creation.  I look at the colours that will be involved and start to pull out beads or gemstones that I think would compliment the piece either texturally or visually or both. Mixing mediums is always a thrill for me, I don't think that a piece necessarily has to be composed of all gold, silver,bronze etc. although of course I think either one of these are beautiful but I also like to mix it up, adding another visual appeal to the creation.  All in all in creating a piece of wearable ART I really do put my heart and soul into each piece.


Lyre Harp In A Hoop Earrings Unusual Music Themed Jewelry
Lyre Harp In A Hoop Handmade Earrings by The Singing Beader

Connie of "The Singing Beader" is a Singer who makes Jewelry - And who decided to make Music-themed Jewelry - says:

When I started selling my handmade jewelry, I didn't offer any music themed items. Most of my designs were wire beaded with gemstones and crystals. At that time, I was also a karaoke singer and recording enthusiast. My passion for both singing and beading was the reason I named my business, “The Singing Beader”. With that name, it just made sense to start creating music themed jewelry, and I have been doing so for about three years. I am always thinking of new creations I can make to add to my ArtFire shop section, “Musical Instruments, etc.”. Many of the designs are unique like the “Lyre Harp in a Hoop Earrings” or the “Gold and Blue Beaded Harmonica Necklace”. One of my favorite music themed necklaces is the “Abalone Mother of Pearl Shell Guitar Pendant Necklace”. As with most handmade jewelry, these are one of a kind designs, with only one for sale.

SO-O-O, When you are looking for a piece of Jewelry that is:
-- on a certain Theme --
-- in certain Colors --
-- from a certain Culture --


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Looking For More Creativity In Gifts For Mother's Day

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE

Lovebird In Heart

Creativity for Mother's Day!

I've joined together with a number of others who sell on online venues such as and Etsy and Zibbet - many of us sell our own HANDMADE that we make or design with our own hands, though others sell Vintage and Antique - or Supplies - or Commercial.

But one thing we all have in common is that we have relatively small businesses - and from the interaction I've had with these sellers - we all genuinely Care about what we sell and about our Customers.

If you buy from us - you may get something Distinctive - nothing like the mass-produced items in commercial stores - and you might get something truly One-Of-A-Kind!

I'm not only joining in - I put it on my own blog here:

Each week through this time, it starts with a Blog Hop created by Julie Cleveland of Blue Morning Expressions - links to listings are added by each individual - and some of us, like me, share the whole set of links by doing the Blog Hop, as well as sharing around the Internet - like I have in the PINTEREST Board I set up for this!!

I strongly urge readers of my blogs to take a look and see what we have to share!!

The photos in this post are my 3 Handmade items that I link to in this week's Blog Hop - to give you an idea of what I have to offer that some Mother might like!!!

Woven Celtic Purple Flowers in a Mat

Cottontail In Bush - Nature In Fiber Art