Monday, March 26, 2012

New Bright Sunny Fine Crochet Art Piece

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I love working in COLORS in my Crochet - actually Multiple Colors - and this newly finished piece, ORANGE AND YELLOW 21 INCH ROUND DECORATIVE TABLE MAT, is an example of what I mean!

The 30+ Rounds of this Hand-Crocheted piece are done in 3 Colors, with contrasting colors in different sections -- and if you sort of step back and look at it -- it gives off the Bright Colors of a SUNBURST!!

It is done in:

 -- Sunset Ombre (Yellow, Orange, White Variegated)
 -- Bright Orange
 -- Banana Yellow!

Some call this "COLORWORK CROCHET", because it has different rounds or sections arranged in different colors!!

It will really add some Sunny brightness to whatever Space it is in, which is the whole idea!!

For other Crocheters, the pattern came from an out-of-print Magic Crochet Magazine I bought used online.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

For Spring - Clovers (Shamrocks), Flowers, Animals

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE 

SPRING is just around the corner and I am glad -- though I appreciate all the Seasons, the cold of winter is always a little discouraging - even though here in the High Desert of Southern California it doesn't get as cold as in other places.  But it still gets below freezing and some plants don't grow then -- though my Rosemary plant (several years old now) is still blooming with the little light blue flowers like I crocheted in this small crochet design!!

Rosemary Bloom Coaster Doily - Floral Crocheted Lace

But today is the First Day of March and in a few days it will officially be Spring according to the calendar (though last June we still had a frost here - you go figure!) -- and I am looking forward to all the Spring Flowers and Growth - like the 3-Leaf Clovers I crocheted in these two pieces!

Bruges Crocheted Lace 3-Leaf Clover Oval - Lucky St. Pats Day Mat

Round Doily Featuring 3-Leaf Clovers and Yellow Flowers

And then - there are these 4-Leaf Clover Coaster-Size Squares - the 4-Leaf Clovers are supposed to be LUCKY -- and really do exist, though rarely according to what I have read.


 --  And, FLOWERS -- I do a lot of them in my Designs In Fiber -- but here are two that are particularly for SPRING!


 -- And, soon, we will have Baby Rabbits and other small wildlife (like California Ground Squirrels) running around the fields here in the High Desert - I see them all over - even in the cities - they are often either under bushes or running through them!

So-o-o -- Now you have seen my little "Gallery" of Designs In Fiber --My CELEBRATION OF SPRING this year -- but, as always, more DESIGNS INSPIRED BY NATURE will be showing up in my Shops and here on my Blog.  I have four FLOWER Projects and one BIRD Project that are "Works In Progress" (These are for SPRING and SUMMER) -but depending on what Custom Orders I get, I will get to them as I can!!
I always seem to have more "designs in my head" than I can get done each Season!