Monday, November 26, 2012

Cross Promoting Holiday Gift Ideas

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs

Well, It's Winter Holiday time Again!!




New Year???

Whatever your plans, most people are looking for Gifts - or Personal Accessories to Wear - or Decor for the Celebrations at Home, Office or School!!

Well I have teamed up with a bunch of us who sell either Handmade or Vintage -- and we have lots of Gift Ideas!!

Here's My Handmade I suggest for this week:

Holly Berries and Leaves Holiday Doily - Round Placemat - Centerpiece
Holly Berries On Leaves Holiday Doily

Bird of Peace With Olive Branch - Filet Crochet Hanging

Basket in Red & Green Geometric Stitch - Winter Color Decor OOAK
Red and Green Textured Basket and Ornament

And you can find the "Gift Ideas" from this team of people HERE on this blog --

-- and on Blue Morning Expressions' Blog -- this is a Blog Hop!!

Something Gorgeous!!  Something Fun!!  Something Eco-Friendly!!  You'll find quite a bit this week!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Matching Handmade Decor

Ruth Sandra Sperling 
RSS Designs In Fiber 
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Red and Green Basket

I do the Handmade that I do in certain Colors Themes - which vary - but what I also do is make different items that Match.

Red and Green Pot Holders

The Red and Green Basket and the Red and Green Pot Holders Match - yes, they are made with the same yarn.

Desert Sands Matching Set

This Matching Set is made in a Variegated Yarn named "Desert Sands" - with some Yarns that match some of the Colors in the Variegated Yarn.

Desert Sands Basket

The Basket, Mat and Two Pot Holders are made with these same Yarns in several different patterns I made up. 

Desert Sands Mat

These Two Holly Berries with Leaves pieces - made with the same Threads - would go together really well in any Decor theme with Red and Green - that is if you like Crocheted Lace!

Holly Leaves with Berries Doily 

Holly Leaves with Berries Coasters