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Fall or Autumn Colors are a Color Palette or Theme that some people decorate in -- Goldish Yellows and Oranges and Coppery or Reddish Browns reflect the Colors of the turning leaves in the Fall Season. Purples reflect the harvested fruits of this Season, which is also Harvest!!

Personally, this is one of my favorite Color Palettes for decorating my own home - actually because of its "earthiness" - as relates to the Nature on Earth!! Some might say that my decor is "Country", as I have a lot of naturally finished woods and things in "earthy" colors, but some might say I decorate in a Fall Color Palette!!

So, I enjoy making things in these Fall Color themes and I have a variety of Designs In Fiber in both my Bonanza Booth and in various blog articles on this blog - that are in these Fall or Autumn colors.

Proud Rooster - Mat in Textured Filet Crochet

Fall Shaded Orange Flower Meadow - An Oval Crocheted Lace Doily Decor
Oval Lace Doily - Fall Shaded Orange Flower Meadow

Orange and Yellow 21 Inch Pineapple Sunburst Table Mat

18 Inch Tan Lace Table Topper with Orange Yellow 3D Flowers

Tunisian Crochet Tweed Fabric Coasters in Copper Brown and Orange

Fall Color Basket - Wavy Woven Crochet - Primitive - Sturdy 10 inch
Fall Color Basket - Wavy Woven Crochet - Rustic Style

Orange and Cream Tweed HotPads or PotHolders - Matches Fall Color Basket above

Fall Leaves - Handmade Hanging Pot Holder Set of 2 - Tunisian Crochet
Handmade Hanging Pot Holder Set in the Colors of Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves - Maple and Oak - Handmade in Filet Crochet

Desert Sands Basket and Mat Set - Tapestry Crochet Decor in Beige to Tan to Rust Browns
Desert Sands Basket and Mat Set in Earthy Tans and Browns

SOLD!! TURQUOISE and GOLDEN YELLOWS  -  14 Inch Doily or Centerpiece

Mini-Basket in Graphic Yellow, Orange, Brown

Halloween Pumpkin Coaster Set - Custom Made-To-Order - Ships in 7-10 Business Days


Woven Celtic Purple Flower Doily

SOLD!! 3D Yellow Roses in Irish Lace Heart

SOLD!!  Lavender Heart with 3D Purple ROSES

Sold! Gold Yellow and Deep Red 3D FLOWER Doily

SOLD!!  Golden Autumn Yellows on Fudge Brown

Graphic Brown & Cream Centerpiece Doily

This last one is "something to wear" in Fall Colors!!

Red Hickory Brown Soft Hat and Scarf Set

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