All Kinds of Crocheted Flowers

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber
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It has been years now since I started Crocheting with different Threads, as well as Yarns -- and some of my first choice of designs to Crochet have been of FLOWERS!!  Like this one with Beads crocheted in:

Beaded 3D Irish Crochet Rose Cluny Lace Doily

Another Newer  Flower Design By RSS Designs In Fiber: Filet Crochet Hearts with a Flower Border - 28 Flowers around a Square:

 Red Hearts and Flowers Table Topper Square - By Ruth Sandra Sperling in RSS Designs In Fiber Etsy Shop
Four Heart Square with a Flower Border in Reds - By RSS Designs In Fiber

I like all Nature themes -- but colorful FLOWERS are certainly one of my favorites to do - in both Crochet and Knitting, though these are all crocheted --- and, based on what I've sold over the years,  others seem to like them a lot, too!!

Here is a Video of some of My FLOWER DESIGNS in THREADS!!

--- And Below is a Gallery of many Crocheted Flower Designs I have done!!  Some of these Designs have Sold -- Some listed below are available for Sale in my Etsy Shop or my Bonanza Booth or my On Fire For Handmade Gift Guide Shop now!!

I also do Special Requests or Custom Orders, either Privately - or through my Etsy Shop or Bonanza Booth -- or Just Email Me about whatever you are interested in getting made!

 Red Flowers In White Lace Square - By Ruth Sandra Sperling at RSS Designs In Fiber

"Rose In Bloom" - In Wild Rose Pink - Handmade Filet Crochet Oval

All White Rose Doily with Pearls

Pink Tulip Ring Doily White Scallop Border Spring Flower Crochet Lace
Pink Tulip Ring Doily

Red Roses Doily - Pink Whirl Center - Irish Crochet Fiber Art Decor
Red Roses Around a Pink Whirl Doily

Shaded Garnet Red Crocheted Multi-layer Rose - Brooch or Applique

Irish Crochet Rose Round Doily with Leaves - Set of 2

Classic Irish Crochet Rose Doily with Picot Lace

18 Inch Tan Lace Table Topper with Orange- Yellow 3D Irish Roses

Yellow and Orange "Field of Flowers" Doily - Double Ruffled Vintage Style

Ornate Lily Spring Flower Filet Crochet Doily

Woven Celtic Crochet Purple Flower Doily

Beaded Doily with Yellow Flowers Inside Green Lace - Small Coaster-Size

3-Leaf Clovers and Yellow Flowers Crochet Art Doily - Nature In Art

Blue Rosemary Bloom In Green - Set of 2 Small Coaster-Size Doilies

Purple and Yellow Viola Bouquet Doily

Crocheted Bruges Lace Oval with Pansy-Colored Violas - Coaster Size
Bruges Lace Oval with Pansy-Colored Viola Flowers

Pansy Flower Fine Crocheted Lace Doily

Pink Beaded HEART with 3D Shaded Pink Roses, Irish Crochet Lace, Romantic, Fiber Art, Home Decor, Applique, Pendant
Irish Crochet Heart With 3D Roses and Crystal Beads - Made-To-Order - Email RSS Designs In Fiber 

Amaryllis Flower Trinket Doily - Thread Crochet Art for Little Places
Amaryllis Flower Trinket Doily - Sold Online

Shades of Pink Flower Bloom - Small Doily - Decor or Applique
Shades of Pink Flower Bloom Small Doily

Orange California Poppy In The Sky - A Crochet Tapestry
Orange California Poppy In The Sky - A Crocheted Tapestry

Crocheted Lace Mat of Bright MultiColor Flowers with Dark Green Border
Bright Multi-Colored Flowers In Green Star-Shaped Doily


Flower Doily with Variegated Pastel Petals - Sold Online

Cluny Lace Doily with 3D White Crocheted Flowers - Sold Online

Irish Crochet Red Roses Keychain - with Hook

Celtic Woven Pink & Purple Flower Hanging or Suncatcher - Sold Online

Irish Crochet Red Heart - with Multi-layer Irish Crochet Pink Roses Inside - Decorated with Pearls - Sold Online

Wild Rose Evening Primrose Bloom - Hand-Crocheted in Filet Crochet

Multi-layer Shaded Pinks Brooch or Pin - or Pendant - or Applique

Purple and Black Multi-Layer 3D Flower Brooch or Pin - or Applique

And here are a few more "DESIGNS with FLOWERS" - these have Sold in the past years - just so you can see a few.  I do CUSTOM ORDERS - so if you would like one of these done -- or done in different colors or Threads or Yarns - Contact Me by the Email Address that can be found Here!!

Basket of Flowers With a Burst of Color - Sold Online

Doily with Garnet 3D Roses - Sold Online

Circle of Hearts Doily - Sold Online

Poinsettia Star Doily - Sold Online

Poinsettia Trinket Lace Doily - Sold Online

Doily - Rose Garden - OOAK

Pure White with White Pearl Beads in Irish Crochet Roses - Sold Online

Purple Pansy Fine Art Doily - Sold Online

Lavender HEART with 3D Purple ROSES, Irish Crochet, Trinket, Doily, Applique, Fiber Art
Lavender Irish Crochet Heart with 3D Purple Roses