Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Selection of Cotton Potholders For Your Kitchen - In A Choice of Colors

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Emerald Mix Greens Cotton Pot Holder Set of 2 - Protective Housewares

Here is a Selection of Handmade Hanging Potholders that I decided to make in different colors!!

Some people like to buy things for the Kitchens - Home or Office - that actually match or at least go with the color theme in their Kitchens.

Some like to buy in different colors - just for some Colorful Accessories in their Homes.

So-o-o - I came up with the idea of making sets of Hanging Potholders in a selection of Colors - all in Peaches and Creme 100% Cotton Worsted Yarn, which I had in quite a few colors already and had used for years - and I knew would make good Housewares!

Navy and Denim Hanging Pot Holder Set of 2 - Blue Kitchen Home Decor

Red and White Basket and Pot Holder Set - Cotton - Kitchen Decor

Yellow Hanging Pot Holder Set of 2 - Tunisian Crochet Center - Kitchen

Fall Leaves - Handmade Hanging Pot Holder Set of 2 - Tunisian Crochet

Emerald Green and Burgundy Red Set of 2 Cotton Pot Holders for Holiday

Kitchen Hanging Pot Holders - Set of 2 - Handmade In Berry Colors - Abstract Design In Tunisian Crochet In Cotton Yarn

 I really have been making these - in different designs - for years!  Here's my Pinterest Board for "Pot Holders, Baskets and Cloths" - all crocheted in strong Peaches & Creme Cotton Worsted Yarns!  (Including some that already sold!)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"From Our Hands to Yours" ezine - Genuine Handmade Offered for the 2014 Holiday Season

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on Bonanza or Etsy

A Big Thank You to Julie Cleveland of Blue Morning Expressions for putting together this ezine:
"From Our Hands to Yours - 2014 Holiday Gift Guide"

"From Our Hands to Yours" means just what it says - those of us participating in this ezine are offering a selection of items that are Only Handmade by Us as Gift Ideas for the 2014 Holiday Season through the end of the year (all kinds of Holiday celebrations)!!

Julie also included some Recipes for Homemade Goodies - from Us!

Below are pictured the 3 items I submitted (they are on Page 2 of the ezine):

Stars In The Sky - Thread Lace Art 16 1/2 In. Doily - Blue Decor
Stars In The Sky - Thread Crochet Art Round
Crocheted Lace 21-Inch Doily - Red Flowers, Green, White Accent Decor
Crocheted Lace 21 Inch Round for Winter Holiday or Nature-themed Decor Accent

Basket in Red & Green Geometric Stitch - Winter Color Decor OOAK
Red and Green Handmade Basket in Geometric Spike Stitch - with Hanging Ornament included

The Recipe I submitted, which is on Page 3 is a new (and for me healthier) version of a childhood favorite - "Chocolate Chip Coffee Squares".  But I tend to get a little creative with it these days - I just made a batch of muffins in that Recipe and I left out the Chocolate Chips (too sweet for me) and put in some chopped up Fresh "Adriatic Figs" I recently bought!

Have a great time this upcoming Holiday season!! -- Do you want to get creative with some of your own Handmade - or buy something "Handmade with care" - for Gifts or for yourself???

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Going Public - Sharing News That I Think Is Good About Medical Care Available

Ruth Sandra Sperling
- Also RSS Designs In Fiber

Ah-h-h!  LIFE!

Different People use different ideas or symbols to express LIFE!  For me, whatever the reasoning - it is TREES - so The Image above of a Tapestry I Crocheted of A TREE in a Landscape has a lot to do with LIFE, for me!!!!!

For many in our world, a key part of our LIFE is getting the Medical Care right for us.

I do not usually discuss Medical Care here on my blog - mine - others - or generally in the world.  I feel it is an incredibly personal matter - not often something I write about publicly.

But I feel it is time to Share something broadly and publicly - and, for me, this is my place to do it - My Blog - Sort of My Own Online, Public Journal, where I discuss things I think should be PUBLIC.

Out of respect for others - and to strive for total accuracy - I will keep this relatively simple - A Quote from a Linked Reference - with a couple of other Links.  If you want to know more - you will have to go to the Links, Websites, Make Phone Calls, etc. to find out more.

When the following article was published on the website, I was thrilled.  I shared it in a number of places!!  The full significance of it in the world of medical care is yet to be seen, but based on knowledge I have - I cannot keep quiet about it!

It is "Immunotherapy" to fight Cancer - a whole different Game.

But there is something more I want to say - and it is about UCLA Health System - and I think the world should know.  Your response to it will be your own - well I know there will always be differences amongst people - but I, personally, think the following quote is important - it is from Page 1 of the SUMMER 2014 ISSUE OF THE MAGAZINE OF "UCLA HEALTH - DAVID GEFFEN SCHOOL OF MEDICINE" (you can get a PDF of it at the link)

"Community engagement is hardly new to the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA (DGSOM) and UCLA Health System.  Whether by overseeing the residency programs at two of Los Angeles County's major public hospitals, supporting student-directed mobile clinics and health fairs, providing staff for the Venice Family Clinic - the largest free clinic in the United States - or spearheading research projects under our Clinical and Translational Science Institute with the aim of erasing healthcare disparities in one of this nation's most demographically diverse urban areas, UCLA Health Sciences has been an essential part of the fabric of Greater Los Angeles for decades.  But in 2011, as we developed our strategic plan, we determined that community engagement needed to be elevated to one of our core missions along with education, research and clinical care.
"For UCLA Health Sciences, community engagement means improving health through solutions that address social, cultural and biological determinants, developing a comprehensive and diverse healthcare workforce and creating innovative healthcare-delivery models that maintain financial stability while serving all members of our community. ...." A. Eugene Washington, MD, MSc

[Note;  the emphasis in red of certain sections in the Quote is that of me, Ruth Sandra Sperling - and has nothing to do with the Magazine.]

For Info here are links for UCLA HEALTH SYSTEM and the 2 Los Angeles County Major Public Hospitals: