Friday, April 30, 2010

GREEN - A Color for Spring!!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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One of the things I think of when I think of Spring is the trees and bushes with budding leaves. In fact, the trees in my front yard have budding leaves right now!

So, often when I think Spring, I think the color Green!!

I have made two new items this Spring - on the theme of White Flowers with a Light Spring-ish Green!!

White Water Lillies "floating" around a Light Green Cluny Lace Design!! (The Water Lillies are 3-dimensional!)

A Pair of Trinket Doilies or Coasters with a White Flower inside hand-crocheted Light Green "leaves" -- nice as they are decorative - and useful for mugs or small vases around the home!

I also have some other things in my Etsy shop that make me think of Spring with Green:

A Little Trinket Basket - in the shape of an Apple!!!

Small Yellow Flowers "sprinkled" in a Light Green Doily! Reminds me of the ground cover with small yellow flowers in my front yard!!

Celebrate Spring with some Green - Nature in Art - in my Designs In Fiber!!


Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Internet Shop of Handmade Items In Fibers

Mothers like all kinds of things and many of us like to give them what they like on Mother's Day!!

Well, I do believe that some of the things they like are THREAD ART!!

These Thread Artists that I know on Etsy have all kinds of THREAD ART to offer!!

Above is a You Tube video of a few of them.

You can find a linking list of the items in the above video on the FOR MOM GIFT GUIDE on the THREAD ARTISTS BLOG. Just click away to find the item on Etsy!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

EARTH DAY IS EVERY DAY -- My Tree Tapestry Pillow

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Tree Tapestry Pillow by RSS Designs In Fiber

This week is what is being called "EARTH WEEK" - with Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 being EARTH DAY! And it is the 40th anniversary of EARTH DAY!!

Well, I think Earth Day is a good idea -- if it is a day of celebration and education that results in Every Day being EARTH DAY!!

It is fairly easy for me, as I was brought up with a certain perspective on life about caring for our environment from the time I was a young child -- and I love Nature and what is outdoors, so, for me, whether there is an official Earth Day or not -- Every Day is EARTH DAY!!

As I have said before, Trees are one of my favorite things on Earth -- so to honor the concept of EARTH DAY -- and because I love trees -- I made the above pillow - a TREE TAPESTRY!!

It is for sale here on Etsy!!

It is in the technique of crochet tapestry or colorwork. I used 100% cotton yarn in Earthy colors - with a sky in a Teal Blue - and, as shown below, the Back of the pillow is done in a textured crochet spike stitch in solid Teal Blue.

Back of Handmade Tree Tapestry Pillow by RSS Designs In Fiber

Teal Blue is in the Turquoise family of colors -- and I have left a comment on this Home Decor article, Turquoise Inspiration 2, on Design Style Guide Community, showing it off -- as I think it could fit very well in some of the rooms pictured in this article!!

In addition to the subject of my pillow being Earthy, I bought an Eco-Friendly EcoCraft Pillow Form for it!! The fill of the Pillow Form is 100% PLA - a synthetic fiber made from the annually renewable resource - corn!! The cover of the Pillow Form is 100% woven cotton. I was really glad to find such an Eco-Friendly Pillow Form (at my local JoAnn's)!

So, I feel pretty good about this -- both artistically, as the design is totally my own -- and environmentally, as it is really an environmentally friendly product!!

To Living a Life That is Good for the Whole Web of Life!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More on Purples and Lavenders for Spring! Handmade Decor from Design Style Guide!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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From my Etsy Team, Design Style Guide, comes an amazing array of Handmade Home Decor -- unique and beautiful -- much of it One-of-A-Kind!!

Above is a photo of a Treasury curated by me on the website for Design Style Guide:

The Feels of Lavenders and Purples Infuse A Room !!

This Treasury shows some beautiful Handmade Home Decor in different shades of Lavenders and Purples for decorating in this color theme!!

Go to it on the website and each photo in the Treasury links to the individual item. These curated Treasuries on the Design Style Guide website last for about 3 days, but their shops are permanent, so here is a linking list of the shops of these artisans.

Stylish Stems


Beged-Dov Stained Glass

Greenhouse Glassworks

V Silcox Designs/A Painted Setting

Distinctive Decor

Mad Hatter

Drexel Earthforms Dramatic Decorative Pottery

Carol Broadley Pottery



Friday, April 9, 2010

Continuing with PURPLES for SPRING! Handmade PURPLE FLOWER Home Decor!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Internet Shop of Handmade Items In Fibers

Pansies are one of my favorite flowers -- sometimes I have them in my front yard garden, though not every year.

And making things representing the things in Nature I love is a real joy!!

This hand-crocheted PURPLE PANSY piece has a center cluster of Purple and Lavender Pansies made with beautiful shaded Pearl Cotton threads.

The border, which is featured close up in this photo above, echoes the colors of the Purple and Lavender Pansies around a section done in a gray-beige with a design which can be visualized as leaves or branches.

This fits in French Country Style, though it is also an "Inspired by Nature" theme -- and I have listed this on the Handmade Decor website, Design Style Guide -- and added it to 2 of their online magazine articles as an example of a certain types of decor:


- and 2010 COLOR TREND!!