Sunday, November 13, 2016

Knitting Hats Again - and These Are Custom Made-to-Order

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Get My Handmade in my Bonanza Booth or my Etsy Shop -- or Privately

 Ribbed Knit Hat by RSS Designs In Fiber - Shown in Blue and Gray Tweed - Choice of Size and Colors
Handmade Ribbed Knit Hat by RSS Designs In Fiber - Shown in Blue and Gray Tweed - Custom Made-To-Order

I do a lot of Crocheting - but I decided it was time to Knit some Hats again.  Knitted Hats in a Ribbed Knit, like the one above - and the one below - are really nice because of the way they "hug" the head! 

They also have a bit more stretch than other knitting patterns,  so they fit different sizes of heads, so you can buy one as a gift and not worry too much if it will exactly fit.

But I decided to do Handmade Hats as Custom Made-To-Order, so the Customer can choose the Size from the Size list, which I have for both of these Knitted Hats. ~~ And, like in the Hat pictured above, I also can offer it in different colors to be paired with the Gray for the Tweed - I am offering that Hat in these color themes:

  • Country Blue - and Heather Gray (shown in photo above)
  • Autumn Red - and Heather Gray 
  • Dark Country Blue - and Heather Gray 
  • Dark Sage Green - and Heather Gray
It will only take a few days to make - and I will ship it on the next Post Office business day after completing it and sending a picture of it to the Customer.  I always send a picture of the completed Handmade item whenever I do a Custom Order - and ship it as soon as I can!

On the other hand - the Hat pictured below is made in a Yarn that is an Ombre Chunky Yarn of Red, Blue and Tan (what is called a Primitive Americana color theme) and I am offering it in a choice of Sizes - from 20 Inches Around Head to 25 Inches Around Head.

It, too, will take a few days to complete in the size chosen - and then ship.

 Handmade Ribbed Knit Hat in Americana Red - Blue - Tan - by RSS Designs In Fiber - Choose Size

All my Handmade Hats, Headbands and Scarves are available on Etsy - and you can put in a Custom Request on Etsy, too if you want one in a certain pattern or in different colors or yarns!  Just ask me!!