Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brand New Scarf in My Etsy Shop - Burgundy Marsala Reds and Roses - Long, Soft and Textured

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber
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Long 78 Inch Scarf in Burgundy Marsala Reds

My newest completed Handmade project is a Personal Accessory - made with Colder Times in mind, it is a 78 Inch by 4 1/2 Inch Chunky Scarf Crocheted in 2 Yarns in a Textured Pattern.

Below is a Closeup Photo of one end of the Scarf - the "front" side - it shows that the Solid Burgundy Yarn and the "Heathered" Yarn are somewhat "inter-woven" in this stitch pattern, which is call the "Bee Stitch" - and in this Closeup Photo, you can more easily see how textured it is.

This is a COLORFUL - and rather Practical Scarf - it is Soft - and you can wear it a number of different ways - including wrapped around your neck, tied around your neck - or just hanging down.

See the details on materials and purchasing in my Etsy Shop!

Plus the care for it is fairly easy as you can either wash it by hand in cool water with mild laundry soap and lay out to dry - or throw it in a washing machine if it has a setting for delicate knits in cool water.

Rather a Fun Scarf - especially if you like Burgundy Reds - or Reds in the Marsala Color Family!!!

And Pssst - if you would like it in another combination of Colors, send me an email about it - I'm still doing Custom Orders!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Piece of Irish Crochet Decor I Made - Fall Orange Leaf Square Mat

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber
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Fall Orange Leaf Square Mat - 14 Inch Square

I really enjoy doing Irish Crochet - it is based on traditional known techniques - I like the way it looks!

The above square is a pattern from a Magic Crochet Magazine with Irish Crocheted Leaves - but I did it in quite a thicker thread than that pattern called for - and in 2 Colors - this time in a Fall or Autumn Color Theme - Orange and Cream, though some might like this Color Theme at any time!!

Here is a Closeup of one corner, so you can see the design more clearly.

Closeup of 1 Corner of the "Fall Orange Leaf Square" - A Large Leaf in the Corner with a Smaller Leaf on Each side.

I made and photographed this piece with the idea in mind for it to be used as a Decor Accent on a Table - such as:
  • Coffee Table 
  • Side Table 
  • Center of a Dining Table

 -- but you could also frame it - I think it would look best against a darker background - as a Wall Hanging.

See more details about it on my Bonanza Booth Listing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Honoring the Creativity in Crochet of Marinke - "A Creative Being" - Mandalas For Marinke

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber
- Get My Handmade in my Bonanza Booth or my Etsy Shop -- or Privately

I was very sad on the day in June 2015 when I read the Crochet Concupiscence article with the news about Marinke of "A Creative Being" succumbing to suicide - but I immediately thought that the creation of the Project "Mandalas For Marinke" was great - to honor and celebrate Marinke's creativity.

What Marinke and I - along with many others - had in common was the Love of doing CROCHET and getting CREATIVE with it - with lots of COLORS!!!

So, I decided right then and there - when I first read about it - that I would crochet some things based on Marinke's Mandala Patterns for that project.

The photo above is of the first one I did - based on Marinke's Spoke Mandala Pattern.  When I first saw Marinke's Mandalas, it was the one that caught my attention and I wanted to do!  This one is done in Peaches and Creme Cotton Worsted Yarn - and is 10 Inches in diameter.

But I wanted to do more - I have been crocheting Hats and Scarves longer than anything else - and I thought it would be neat to make a Hat based on Marinke's Standard Mandala Pattern in lots of cheerful colors - I decided to do it in Peaches & Creme Cotton Yarn, which I have in lots of colors - and I did them in the order of the Color Spectrum - Red to Purple/Magenta - here are the Photos of what I call the "Mandala Hat" --

Then I decided to do another Spoke Mandala - but this one is done in a thinner thread - a Size 3 Cotton Thread - in Red, Green and White - coming out to 6 1/2 Inches in Diameter ---

Based on Marinke's Patterns - they Honor and Celebrate her Creativity!

From the Crochet Concupiscence post starting "Mandalas For Marinke":
"Each post will include at least one fact about depression to help raise awareness about this issue as we celebrate Wink’s work."
Though my medical problems are different than Marinkes and not in the field of Mental Health, Crocheting has brought me much Joy!!!  And I totally support and respect the Human Rights and Dignity for those who suffer from Mental Health problems - I have known about this organization for some years: 
- and I strongly believe in Patients Rights and proper medical care for all.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Filet Crochet "Proud Rooster" in On Fire For Handmade Great Finds Fall 2015

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber
 - Get My Handmade in my Bonanza Booth or my Etsy Shop -- or Privately

"Proud Rooster" - Designed and Crocheted by RSS Designs In Fiber

I designed this Rooster Mat or Wall Hanging - charting it out based on a picture - and then crocheting it in Filet Crochet with some textured stitches - and a rectangular edge, making it easy to frame for hanging - 15 1/2 Inches Wide by 16 3/4 Inches Long.

Roosters are a popular Folk theme - very often for Fall or Autumn or Country or Farm Decor - and it is also considered "French Country Style".

This week the On Fire For Handmade Great Finds is:
"Lil Bit Country"
~~ and my "Proud Rooster" got in it!
Definitely a "Lil Bit Country"!!!

A fun event on a different theme each week showcasing online Handmade from On Fire for Handmade, Great Finds has a Poll at the bottom where you can VOTE for your Favorite.

You can VOTE for "RSS Designs In Fiber" in the Poll!