Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Handmade Hickory Browns Scarf and Hat Set in On Fire for Handmade Great Finds

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Hickory Red Browns Scarf and Hat Set by RSS Designs In Fiber on Etsy

By now most readers of this blog know I love "doing Handmade" - making things actually!

Above is a photo of a Scarf and Hat Set I made in the Fall Colors, "Hickory Red Browns" - which can easily be seen .... but what can't be seen is how Soft and Silky the Eyelash Yarn the Set is made with is!!

If this goes with a Coat or Scarf you have - it is a really nice Accessory to wear!

"Potters Clay Great Handmade Finds" on On Fire By Handmade

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Handmade For Back To School

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Have You Thought About Getting Handmade Items For Going Back To School??

Hand-Crocheted Laptop Sleeve by RSS Designs In Fiber

If my Parents were around to see this, they might laugh - you see - when I went to College at the University of Illinois, I had with me a number of outfits that I had sewn myself on my own Pfaff Sewing Machine, which they had bought me when I was in High School (I still have it, LOL - and the 90% metal machine still runs when properly oiled)!!

So, when I mention "Handmade For Back To School", I speak from the Heart - and from my own life!

I not only had clothes I had sewn for myself - I also Crocheted Hats and Scarves - got into Beading on a Loom for a while ..... yes - I did Handmade all through College for myself and some others.

But not all people Sew or Crochet or Knit or do Woodworking or Make Jewelry or create things in Polymer Clay etc. etc. -- and that is what all these Handmade Sellers online - on various sites - have to offer you - Genuine Quality Handmade for the students in your life to have when they go Back To School.

So, I thought I would share some of my own Handmade which I think would be useful for students  going to School - all ages.  ~~~ Then I will share a few items from a few of my friends, who I know do Quality Handmade, that I also think might be useful for students.

Here - Some Items I Have Made Appropriate For "Back To School"

Woven Crochet Multi-Color Handmade Basket by RSS Designs In Fiber

Green and Ivory Hand-Crocheted Cloth by RSS Designs In Fiber

Hand-Crocheted Red and White Shoulder Bag or Tote by RSS Designs In Fiber

Key Chain Hand-Crocheted with Red Roses and Green Leaves
Irish Crochet by RSS Designs In Fiber

Hat, Scarf  Neckwarmer, and Headband Set in "Black Licorice" Boucle Yarn
By RSS Designs In Fiber


Now - A Few Handmade Items By Friends ......

PushPins with Decorative Polymer Clay Daisies Made by Julie Cleveland of Blu Morning Expressions

Westies in Sweaters Quilted Sunglass Case or Cell Phone Pocket
Westies Glass Case or Cell Phone Packet Handmade by Donna of SewAmazin

Unique Peace Sign Earrings Dark Gray Nearly Black Gunmetal Wirewrapped
Peace Sign Earrings Made by Connie of The Singing Beader

Peek-A-Boo Cat Coasters, Cat Butt Mug Rugs, Peeking Cat Butt Coasters, Handmade Coasters, Crochet Cat Coasters, Set of 4 Cat Butt Coasters
Cat Coasters for the Cat Lover - Handmade By Nancy of Wyvern Designs

One of a kind copper dog rescue handmade earrings.
Dog Rescue "Dog Paw in Heart" Copper Earrings for Dog Lovers
By Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs Jewelry

Pink Baby Receiving Blanket Soft Pink Lace New Baby Girl HandKnit Caron Simply Soft Yarn
Made-To-Order Small Pink Hand-Knitted Blanket by Nancy of  Nancys Knots and Lace
(I thought a Baby-Size Blanket would be a nice throw for a Girl going away to school)

Well - these are just a few ideas I came up with for "Handmade For Back To School" - you can find more items in each Shop these items are in - and all over the Venues these items are in!

Add Something Special - And Maybe on the Unique Side - To Going Back To School!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

RSS Designs In Fiber Thread Crochet in Handmade Great Finds This Week

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Aqua and Navy Blue Thread Crochet Coaster-Size Doily

On Fire For Handmade - a site that showcases and promotes genuine Handmade - has a Weekly Event for Handmade Great Finds - Each Week is a Theme - either a Color Theme or Seasonal Theme.

This Week the Handmade Great Finds is a "Limpet Shell" Color Theme -- Limpet Shell is a Shade of Aqua chosen by Pantone for this 2016 Season, as shown in the On Fire For Handmade photo here:

The Aqua in the Thread Crochet piece of mine in the photo above is that Shade of Aqua.  I crocheted it with rounds of different colors in the design - the darker contrasting Navy Blue helps to bring out the design.

It is really all about Handmade - and how people get creative making things!!

Take a look at this Week's On Fire For Handmade Great Finds!  There is a poll at the bottom for voting for a Favorite - including my Thread Crochet piece - if you like it, Vote for RSS Designs In Fiber!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

White June Roses and Pearls Doily - Romantic Style Irish Crochet Lace Decor by RSS Designs In Fiber

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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This Handmade Crocheted Lace Doily has White Crocheted Multi-layer Roses with 4 Glass White  Pearls crocheted in the middle of each.

Roses are the June Flower - Pearls are a June Birthstone!

Both White Roses and White Pearls are supposed to mean Innocence, Purity, New Beginnings!

So - I thought a Doily such as this with both White Roses and White Pearls would be nice for June - and possibly Decor for June Weddings and/or Brides!

It is 11 Inches in Diameter - with 6 Crocheted Roses around the edge of a Graphic Round Center, which is 6 Inches in Diameter.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Newest Handmade - 3D Rose Cluny Lace Doily - Decorated with Polymer Clay Rose Beads

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I wanted to incorporate some the Beautiful Polymer Clay Rose Beads made by Julie Cleveland of "polymerclaybeads" on Etsy into my Handmade Crochet - and I felt that the 3D Rose Doily pictured above  was the best idea!

The Light Green center is a Cluny Lace pattern motif I got from a DMC Crochet Book - I crocheted in the 8 Polymer Clay Rose Beads on the end of each of the 8 spokes of the Cluny Lace patterns - so that they were in-between the 8 3D Irish Crochet Roses.

Here is a closeup, where you can see the detail of the Rose Beads on either side of a 3D Pink Crocheted Rose:

The detail on the Rose Beads are of individual Roses and Leaves in Polymer Clay Handmade by Julie Cleveland - and placed on a clay bead.

 The 3D Irish Crochet Rose is crocheted in DMC Pearl Cotton in Shaded Pinks - with 4 Layers of Crocheted Petals.

All in the Colors of Nature!

Nature in Arts and Crafts!!

See all the details including size and materials in my Etsy listing.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Feeding the Little Birds - Spring 2016

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Get My Handmade in my Bonanza Booth or my Etsy Shop -- or Privately

I've had this Bird Feeder for years - the one pictured above.  That picture was one taken at the place I lived at 2001-2012 in the Antelope Valley of Southern California, but I still have it where I live now in another place - also with Trees and Birds.

Something funny happened yesterday and today, so I thought I would share it.

I periodically fill the Bird Feeder with Wild Bird Seed - it takes a varying amount of time for the birds to find it - and eat it.  In the picture about there are 5 birds around it - if you notice, it is a Smaller Bird Feeder and they are all Small Birds - which is part of my point today!

Yesterday I filled the Bird Feeder up to the top - sometime mid-morning.  A few hours later I checked and low-and-behold, I could see some of the birds had gotten to it because a noticeable amount of the bird seed was gone!

Then this afternoon, I took another look - boy - the Bird Feeder looked totally empty!!  So, this evening, I filled it again!!


You see, where I live now - there are a lot of Trees and Bushes over about 65 acres and around low, mostly ranch-style buildings.

And - there are Lots and Lots of Birds -- All Sizes and Lots of different Kinds it seems to me.  But one thing that is very noticeable - is that there are Lots and Lots of Ravens - since moving here, I have said some times that "the Ravens Rule the Skies here"!!

Someone I know who runs an environmental group and who I have mentioned on my blog before, John Buckley of Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center wrote an interesting article on their website:

I was surprised to see his article - but I understand his points in it - I find the Ravens here where I live to be very bold - they sometimes whoosh by me very close to my head as I walk through the trees - and they are exceedingly vocal at times!!  I actually like the Ravens, but John Buckley's article drew my attention to the problem between them and the Smaller Birds, which I also like very much - so-o-o-o ---

---- I realized that my relatively Smaller Bird Feeder was a way I could contribute to the survival of the Smaller Birds - my Bird Feeder is way too small for Ravens - and they do not come to feed on it, but Yesterday and Today - I saw and heard a whole bunch of  the Smaller Birds around here - around my little Bird Feeder!!

I have never seen the Ravens around here attacking a Smaller Bird's nest like John Buckley describes in his article - nor eating other smaller animals either -- I just usually see them flying around - or sitting around in trees or on the ground - or even walking around in the grass (what there is of it these days LOL) - very often pecking at something on the ground.  

Most of the Ravens around here seem very fat and satisfied.  I do not feed the Ravens at all - I don't know where they grab their food -, except for the seeds and whatever they find on the ground -- they don't particularly hang around the closed garbage cans on our 65 acres - but I am sure they are getting food somewhere .... but I am now on a Mission to make it easier for the Smaller Birds where I live to get food - my Bird Feeder!!

I have always loved watching birds - ever since I was a little girl, though I am not a real "Bird Watcher" with binoculars and all - I just like to watch them when I am around ... just the other day I noticed a lot of cheeping coming from this Big Bush at the corner of the building I live in -- this bush  is really big and thick - and I strongly suspect that there is a bird's nest in there - it is a rather thick bush, but not the kind Ravens sit on - and thick enough, I think, that the Ravens may not be able to get at that nest - at least I hope they won't!

Every so often I Crochet something with a Bird in it - in fact, one of my current "works-in-progress" is a rather large Filet Crochet picture of "Birds Nesting" (little ones by the way)!!  Here are some photos of completed Handmade projects of mine with Birds:

Bird of Peace

Proud Rooster

Red Cardinal On A Branch

Lovebird In A Heart

Filet Crochet of an Eagle - Sold mid-2000's

Friday, April 22, 2016

On Earth Day 2016 I Planted A California Friendly Garden Juniper Shrub - and Yes Every Day is Earth Day!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Get My Handmade in my Bonanza Booth or my Etsy Shop -- or Privately

Every Day is always, always Earth Day for me - but this year April 22nd I thought would be a good time in the spring to start working on my little container garden outside my apartment.

So I decided to add a new plant this year - and with the problems with the California Drought and the water restrictions - I wanted to get something that qualifies for a "California Friendly Garden" - and specifically has Low Water needs -- and I found it in a local Garden Nursery!! 

It is an "Old Gold Juniper" - it was right for me because I wanted something for a container garden - it is a shrub, so it can go in a large container in my apartment flower bed (versus a tree which might grow too tall) - and it is an Evergreen, which I love!!  On the plant tag, it says you can "Water once per week (in lieu of rain)" - which is perfect for our current water restrictions - and also for water conservation even when we do get out of the drought and water restrictions (if ever??)  I read about it several places online - apparently these shrubs have been known to live for 30 years - and they need little maintenance or pruning - my kind of long-term container garden plant!!

Here is my new, "Baby Old Gold Juniper" all planted!!

I'm Happy!!

And - my little apartment flower bed is doing quite well this Spring with the "El Nino" rains we got this Winter and Spring (more than I had ever seen since moving to the western side of the Antelope Valley) - we have Rose Bushes that must have been here for quite some years - last year they hardly bloomed at all - but this year with all the rain, they are blooming up a storm - ended up with some Rose Blooms leaning over into my 4 Year Old Rosemary plant (which winters very well here) - here are 2 photos:

1. Taken Early April 2016 - a Rose Bloom with 2 Buds leaning into the Rosemary Plant:

2. Taken today - with all 3 Roses in Full Bloom leaning into the Rosemary Plant

My Rosemary Plant is not just decorative - it is one of my herb plants that I harvest from on a regular basis for my salads - or other dishes I cook - as Rosemary is one of my absolute favorite spice herbs!!!  I have had one for years and years and years!!

And Rosemary is listed by (Metropolitan Water District of Southern California)  at:


"Below is a list of the tried and true Favorite 50. They are every-bit-as-beautiful, not-nearly-as-thirsty options for a California Friendly® landscape."

And, Oh!  The Juniper I got is also listed on their website for a California Friendly Garden!!

- which is not surprising as at that link for the Juniper, it says:  "Water: Low"

So, in my little environment around my apartment in the Antelope Valley - High Desert of Southern California, I think I did something rather good for this Earth Day - adding a beautiful plant that will live a long time - with low water needs for our California climate!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

My Newest Handmade Crochet Decor - Romantic Lace - Irish Crochet - Home Accents

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Making things is one of my favorite occupations in life at this point - and Crochet seems to be my choice of craft right now - I have all kinds of patterns and ideas noted.

So-o-o - I get new things made - the photo above is my newest Handmade Crochet Decor item - definitely Romantic Style - in Spring Colors of Lavender and an Ombre named Light Pansy.

I named it "Lavender Pansy Doily" - and depending on how it suits you, you can have it as a Diamond (above) - or a Square (below) - See Full Details at the link.

Then sometimes I decide to do a popular design in different Colors or Color Themes -- I have been making and selling these Irish Crochet Hearts with 3D Flowers for over 10 years -- I have done them in different color arrangements - and I decided to do a new one in a Blue theme - whatever you may think - when I looked up the significance of different colors of Hearts - a Blue Heart means "Pure Honest Love" - see the link for full details!

Then I was thinking - people who like to buy these Irish Crochet Hearts might like them in different colors - they are fairly quick to make, so I created a "Made-To-Order" Etsy listing - offering a choice of 5 different color themes, as shown below:

Hearts - and Romantic Picot Lace - for those who like them - are popular at any time!!

-- And I like to make things in COLORS!!!

And these sizes of Handmade Crochet Doilies can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Home Decor
  • Romantic Gift
  • Romantic Decoration
  • Crochet Applique
  • Pendant for Necklace or Choker

---- or use your own imagination to come up with something!

I also have a Page here on my Blog presenting many of the Crocheted Heart pieces  have made over the years: