Sunday, March 8, 2009

Put Together a Photographic Exhibit of some ETSY items

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Internet Shop of Handmade Items In Fibers


The above is a picture of what they call a "Treasury" on ETSY.

It is actually a linking Internet Photographic Exhibit of 12 items on ETSY.

I decided it would be good to put together this exhibit of 2 types of Home Decor:

-- Fiber Art (in this case Thread Crochet Art) for Tables (ETSY Team: Etsy Thread Artists)

-- Wood pieces - some furniture and some items for tables (ETSY Team: Design Style Guide)

I have been keeping track of some members of both of the ETSY Teams I mentioned with this in mind for some time.

After all, Fiber Art Table Decor goes well with Wooden Home Decor.

Every time I find some of these pieces on ETSY, I am amazed at what beautiful Handmade pieces there are on ETSY!!

Please take a look at the actual Tresury and click on some of the photos and see what beautiful Handmade items these Artisans have to offer on ETSY!!


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