Monday, April 6, 2009


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Thanks to The Smart Mama, Jennifer Taggart at, I found a really simple natural disinfecting spray that I can make at home myself with ingredients I already have and like:

-- 2 cups water (preferrably distilled)
-- up to 3 teaspoons liquid castille soap
-- 1 teaspoon Tea Tree Oil
-- spray bottle

I get my Castille Soap from my local Trader Joe's Market.

The last time I bought Tea Tree Oil, I bought the Desert Essence brand at, but my local Trader Joe's Market has it, too.

All natural and simple to make -- and I can make it in the quantity that I want it.

I may not be a Mama, but I do this for myself and the others around me!!

Would you like to do this for yourself and yours?

Much better than some formula from the store with "who knows what" in it!!



Cranky Mom said...

I hope you are still enjoying this recipe - I love it!

Ruth S. said...

Yes, I love it!!

I am also using a natural fly-repellant spray made with water, lavender essential oil, and tea tree oil and, in the hot weather we are starting to have, it is keeping me cooler, my skin moister and it works at keeping the flies off me!! I do keep a spritzer of it in the refrigerator, which keeps it cool!! I love these natural solutions!!