Friday, January 29, 2010

Irish Crochet Hearts -- a Variety of Color Themes!!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Been adding a number of the little Trinket Irish Crochet Hearts to my Etsy shop over the last couple of weeks -- I now am up to four all with different colors of 3D Roses in them -- and have sold a few over the months -- and years ....

My latest is a new color for my Irish Crochet Hearts - Shaded Lavender 3D Roses in a fine, heirloom weight 6-cord thread, which is some of the highest quality of threads you can find!

Took a little bit of work and experimentation to work out how I exactly wanted these to be -- though I have patterns and instructions for crocheting Irish Lace, I wanted these Hearts to have fine thread multi-layer Roses -- with contrasting colors for the Heart shape, which I feel really brings out the flowers and the Irish lace!!

I think these are exceedingly romantic and can be used in a number of different ways -- especially with the small loop on them, which makes them easy for hanging. It all makes them great Valentine gifts for an admirer of hand-made lace!!

Some years ago I made some that were slightly different in a thicker fiber for someone to decorate their wall with -- a custom order!

I really find it fun to work out these different designs!!

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