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Ruth Sandra Sperling
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A-h-h-h!! The "LUCK" of the Four-Leaf Clover!!

Personally, I am not much of one to rely on "LUCK" -- though I don't mind if I have some time to time!!

According to "tradition" and "legend" the real Four-Leaf Clover (which does exist) brings luck to their finder!!

Actually, I do believe I really saw one once -- by accident -- in some wild place, though I will be honest, as there are some other plants that supposedly look just like it, I cannot say for sure it was actually a Four-Leaf Clover! (I have plenty of the more common variety of clover - the Three-Leaf one - in my front yard - and I am particularly fond of it -- it makes great green ground cover inbetween all my plants and pots!!!)

You can read about the Four-Leaf Clover some here on Wikipedia!!

The Four-Leaf Clover pictured above though is one made of Fiber - and is one of what will be 20 motifs in a Table Runner that is currently a work-in-progress (see the beginning 4 motifs below).

Some will tell you that no matter what form it comes in, these Four-Leaf clovers represent "LUCK"!! Therefore, this Table Runner, which will have 10 of them in it, will be quite LUCKY!!

Actually, I am doing it as a Nature-Inspired Spring-Themed item (also good for St. Patrick's Day if you so choose) in Shamrock Green (for the Four-Leaf Clovers) and Ecru for the border and alternating motifs.

The alternating motif (below) is actually a design of a flower or plant with a number of shoots - and I am doing it in Ecru beige as a background for the Four-Leaf Clovers.

The Table Runner will be a long and thin one - the type you put down the middle of a long table and often hanging over the sides some - either directly on a bare table or on top of a tablecloth. The overall design is my idea - though I am using various motifs from different places. When finished, it will be approximately 10 inches wide by 50 inches long.

And definitely for a Nature-type decor or decoration!!

Watch for it in my Etsy shop - it should be finished and listed within a few days!!

I have lots of ideas for motifs -- and lots of patterns for all kinds of motifs that I could make into a similar design - wider or longer or shorter - as I have said before - I DO CUSTOM ORDERS!! Contact me through my Etsy shop or private contact (upper right on this blog) if you want to discuss a CUSTOM ORDER!!

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