Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pink with 3D Burgundy Roses - Flower Decor Series - Work-In-Progress

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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As part of doing my FLOWER DECOR SERIES, I decided to do a variety of Small Flower Doilies or Coasters with matching Napkin Rings.

I started with a "Pink with 3D Burgundy Roses" theme!

This is still a "Work-In-Progress", so this only shows part of what the Set will be.

The "Pink" will be Shell Stitch done in Baby Pink Crochet Thread for all the pieces.

The "3D Burgundy Roses" will be Multi-layer Crocheted Roses in a Burgundy Red Pearl Cotton Thread - with a Pinkish Center.

This Set will be 2 Coasters or Trinket Doilies as pictured in the top photo above -- with 2 Napkin Rings, as in the bottom picture, but with the 3D Burgundy Rose attached to it.  I am still working on the second Napkin Ring.

I thought a Set of 2 each would be nice for this -- Roses reflect a Romantic theme -- and so this will be a Romantic Set for a Dinner for Two!!

Watch for this to show up in one of my Online Shops - either Artfire or Etsy !! 


Ruth Sandra said...

Putting finishing touches on the Napkin Rings -- should have finished and listed by mid-week. This is my first Napkin Ring and Coaster Set!! Ruth Sandra, July 17, 2011

Ruth Sandra said...

Finished and Up on Etsy:

Will do a new blog article this week with full photos!!