Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Over the years since I started Selling the Handmade I make, there have been various CUSTOM ORDER REQUESTS - from ones from Private Individuals ~ to ones through a local store ~ to ones through various Online Venues that I have sold on.

So ... I decided to Create a CUSTOM ORDER REQUEST FORM and put it on a PAGE here on my blog -- so anyone who would like, has a Form to Use for a Custom Order !!

I make quite a variety of items in Crochet and Knitting --- See some Custom Orders that I have made in the past!

This is one Custom Order for an Online Customer who wanted something in a Specific Size and very Specific Color to match something Specific in their home (I always respect Customer's Privacy and only post details and information with Customer's permission).

Here is another Custom Order - Requested from someone who I met locally -- who asked for a hat that I was wearing in Navy and Cotton!!

And this was a Custom Order from an Online Customer who saw one of my listings -- but wanted Six of them (Red Gingham Potholders)!!

Is There Some One Thing You Would Like Custom Made???

(I am also willing to send Custom Made Gifts to the Recipient when arranged in advance.)