Monday, March 26, 2012

New Bright Sunny Fine Crochet Art Piece

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I love working in COLORS in my Crochet - actually Multiple Colors - and this newly finished piece, ORANGE AND YELLOW 21 INCH ROUND DECORATIVE TABLE MAT, is an example of what I mean!

The 30+ Rounds of this Hand-Crocheted piece are done in 3 Colors, with contrasting colors in different sections -- and if you sort of step back and look at it -- it gives off the Bright Colors of a SUNBURST!!

It is done in:

 -- Sunset Ombre (Yellow, Orange, White Variegated)
 -- Bright Orange
 -- Banana Yellow!

Some call this "COLORWORK CROCHET", because it has different rounds or sections arranged in different colors!!

It will really add some Sunny brightness to whatever Space it is in, which is the whole idea!!

For other Crocheters, the pattern came from an out-of-print Magic Crochet Magazine I bought used online.

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