Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Crochet Tapestry for Decor - California Poppy In The Sky

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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"California Poppy In The Sky" Tapestry Crochet

I am doing Crochet and Knitting mostly now for Decor - in the Home or Office or School - or anywhere you want to do some decorating.

My newest project that I completed is:

-- pictured above!

A Colorful Spring and Summer Flower Decoration!

The idea of doing it and the technique to be used sort of "evolved" over time!  I have several Elizabeth Hiddleson books -- and one of them has a Filet Crochet pattern called "Poppy Time" in it.

  • I knew the first time that I looked at it that I wanted to do something with it!
  • Took me a while to figure it out!
  • I decided to use the Filet Crochet Chart to do a Solid Fabric Crochet Tapestry in Colors!!

"Crochet Tapestry" or "Tapestry Crochet" also has other descriptive names, such as "Colorwork".

I t looks like it is woven, but believe me - this is painstakingly done in single crochet - and I loved doing it!!

The Poppy Flower Bloom was done in an Orange - the Leaves were done in a Holiday Green - all against a Sky Blue background to give the impression that it is "floating in the sky"!

The Edge of the piece is done in a Rounded Crab Stitch (or reverse single crochet) for a finished edge.

Originally, I thought of it as a Table Runner, but as it is a Solid Fabric, it can also easily be mounted or framed and hung up.

This fits in Decor Styles of COUNTRY or PRIMITIVE or FOLK ART.

You can find other Handmade pieces I have made in "Crochet Tapestry" in this Section of my Bonanza Booth:  "Crochet Tapestry Art Decor" and in my Etsy Shop!

The Poppy Flower is the State Flower of the State of California, where I live.  It can be seen growing wild in various locations in that State!

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