Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkins - One of My Favorite Halloween or Fall Things

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Fall Harvest Pumpkin Coaster Set

Pumpkins Galore!  That is usually how it is this time of the year - Halloween just around the corner - with Harvest celebrations - and then Thanksgiving!

The Pumpkins were either grinning Jack-o-Lanterns - or that delightful smell of Pumpkin with spices!!

You know -- we always had HANDMADE in my life - we did it for all the Holidays and just for fun, but now, with the Internet and TV - it is all over publicly - and people get quite creative in the HANDMADE PUMPKIN "things" they make and show off or sell.

If you search "Handmade Pumpkins" -- you find all kinds of things on various sites.

My Pumpkin Coaster Set - funny years ago when I did not have a set made, someone was asking for some crocheted "Pumpkin Coasters"!

Some years back, I did a Cornucopia (which sold) - and I made sure there were Pumpkins (see down there at the bottom)!

So, I wish you all a good time celebrating - whether it is Halloween ~ or Harvest ~ or Thanksgiving!

-- And don't forget the Pumpkins!!

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SewKlassic said...

Love this collection. The orange of Fall can't be beat. :-)