Friday, June 6, 2014

What Are You Doing For Good Summer Days??

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on Artfire and Etsy and Bonanza

Well, It Is Almost SUMMER!  For most School-age Kids, it is a time of more Fun and, possibly, more Freedom than when in School - for many Adults, it is a time for outside Family Fun or Warm-Weather Vacations!!

Here is a "2014 Summer Fun-zine From Our Hands To Yours" published by Blue Morning Expressions (a friend, Julie Cleveland) - with a Selection of Handmade - including Summer Recipes - From Independent Artists, Designers and Vintage Sellers!

I , as RSS Designs In Fiber, am in this on Page 20 with a few pieces of Handmade I am selling (see below too) - along with a Recipe for my favorite Summer Salad!

You might have a fun time looking through this zine - seeing what the 34 Artisans contributed!

Here is some of my own "Summer Fun" Handmade - the first 3 are featured in the above "Summer Fun-zine" ~~~

Decor For Some July 4th Fun!!

Symbolizing Beach or Ocean Fun - "Diving Dolphin"

In A Mixture of Greens - A Set of Cotton Pot Holders To Keep Your Summer Fun Safe!

A Bright Red and White All Cotton Sun Hat and Tote For Summer Fun Outings!

Americana Design Lace Bag To Use On July 4th - Or Whenever You Want To Look Patriotic

I have fond memories of a lot of the SUMMERS in my life - and HANDMADE had been a part of those memories going back almost as far as I can remember.

I wish All Real "Summer Fun" - maybe they do their own HANDMADE, maybe they like and get some of the HANDMADE that I - or other Artisans - make and sell --- which ever you choose - maybe the Creativity in HANDMADE can make your life BETTER!

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