Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brand New Creation - A Wrist Cuff That Hugs Your Wrist! - New Personal Accessory

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Sometimes - in my own world of doing Handmade - I come up with something to solve a problem - and this Brand New Wrist Cuff That Hugs Your Wrist is just that!!

This one is in Shaded Denim Blues - as it really is in the shade of Blue, "Denim", I thought that in this world of "Jeans-wearing people all over the place", it might appeal to someone!

I designed it to Hug and Cushion the Wrist while on a Computer - or using a Mouse - Huh - Like other blogging, online roaming  people like me, LOL!!

I had to figure it out, but having been crocheting all kinds of things (many of which have never seen the light of online at all) in many different types of stitches, I figured it all out and it worked on the first try! (Yes I'm wearing the one I made for  myself as I type this!)

I used 2 types of Crocheted Rib Stitches - to explain - these are Crochet Stitch Patterns that create Ribs - you know those Ribbed bottoms of Sweaters or at the ends of Sweater Arms - that STRETCH - you see - STRETCH is the key word here!

I needed something that would Cover the Wrist area - sort of Fit and Hug it, but not wanting to have to attach some fastener - it had to be able to Stretch over the Wider Part of the Hand to put it on - and still "Hug The Wrist"!

The Section that "Hugs The Wrist" is Crocheted with "Post Stitch Rib", which is really rather thick and CUSHIONING (another key word) - and here is a Closeup picture that shows the detail of the Post Stitch Rib Section of this Wrist Cuff:

Then -- since I wanted the Top of the Cuff to be wider to accommodate easy movement with the Hand and still fit comfortable - I did this upper part (see it in the pictures at  the top) with a Back Loop Single Crochet Rib Stitch, which is a little more flexible and Stretch-y.

Well - some experienced Crocheters will know what I mean - and it all worked out.

It is crocheted in one of my favorite Cotton Yarns - Peaches and Creme, which I have in quite a few colors.

These are Real Casual - designed for Everyday Use - that you can slip in a pocket, case, purse, desk drawer - and then just pull out and pop on - definitely convenience in mind ( I get impatient sometimes, do you?)!

Available in my On Fire For Handmade Gift Guide Shop at:

Shaded Denim Blue Wrist Cuff - Protective - Handmade Casual Stretch-y Ribbed Cotton Yarn Hugs Wrist 

-- And I've thought some people might want some in other Colors (who knows?) - I can make one of these in all kinds of Colors - I have this cotton yarn in quite a number of Colors - practically the whole Color spectrum - just Email Me to request a Custom one made in the Color you want - and tell me the Size you need!!

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