Sunday, August 23, 2015

Newest Laptop Sleeve or Case - Handmade in Tunisian Crochet - Thick and Cushion-y!!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Laptop Sleeve in Earthy Colors - Open with Laptop peaking out

In addition to my own Laptop Sleeve - which I always use to protect my Laptop whenever I take it off my Desk - I've made a few of these that I've Sold.

This is my newest one - I decided to make it in Earthy Greens, Browns and Tans - and do it in Tunisian Crochet Tweed using 2 acrylic yarns Double-Strand Thick:
  • Paddy Green
  • Amazon Ombre

Closeup of Laptop Sleeve showing the detail of the Tunisian Crochet Tweed in Paddy Green and Amazon Ombre.
It is rather Soft and Sponge-y - and I tightly joined all pieces together - and gave it a finished edge with the Rounded Crab Stitch.

The Back Piece is longer - extending over with a Flap that Buttons on the Front piece, as you can see here:

<---- Back of Laptop Sleeve with the Flap extended -------

-------->  Photo Below shows the Front of the Laptop Sleeve with the Flap folded over on the front and Buttoned shut. 

I like these Crocheted (and Knitted ones like pictured at the Bottom) - Double Strand Thick - to make a Sleeve that really CUSHIONS the Laptop - so you don't have to worry when you take it out in a Knapsack or Briefcase or Carryon Luggage - or a Suitcase - because it is PROTECTED from scratches and anything knocking against it with this type of Sleeve!!

See the Listing for this Earthy Colors Protective Laptop Sleeve for Full Details!

It is 100% Handmade in Yarns (and Fully Washable) - even the Button is a Three-Color Crocheted Button - and the Yarn is sturdy - my own Laptop Sleeve pictured below that I made has lasted me for Years!

A Crocheted or Knitted Laptop Sleeve like this can be made in any variety of Worsted Yarn - Double Strand - and I will take Custom Orders for making them!

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