Sunday, November 13, 2016

Knitting Hats Again - and These Are Custom Made-to-Order

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Get My Handmade in my Bonanza Booth or my Etsy Shop -- or Privately

 Ribbed Knit Hat by RSS Designs In Fiber - Shown in Blue and Gray Tweed - Choice of Size and Colors
Handmade Ribbed Knit Hat by RSS Designs In Fiber - Shown in Blue and Gray Tweed - Custom Made-To-Order

I do a lot of Crocheting - but I decided it was time to Knit some Hats again.  Knitted Hats in a Ribbed Knit, like the one above - and the one below - are really nice because of the way they "hug" the head! 

They also have a bit more stretch than other knitting patterns,  so they fit different sizes of heads, so you can buy one as a gift and not worry too much if it will exactly fit.

But I decided to do Handmade Hats as Custom Made-To-Order, so the Customer can choose the Size from the Size list, which I have for both of these Knitted Hats. ~~ And, like in the Hat pictured above, I also can offer it in different colors to be paired with the Gray for the Tweed - I am offering that Hat in these color themes:

  • Country Blue - and Heather Gray (shown in photo above)
  • Autumn Red - and Heather Gray 
  • Dark Country Blue - and Heather Gray 
  • Dark Sage Green - and Heather Gray
It will only take a few days to make - and I will ship it on the next Post Office business day after completing it and sending a picture of it to the Customer.  I always send a picture of the completed Handmade item whenever I do a Custom Order - and ship it as soon as I can!

On the other hand - the Hat pictured below is made in a Yarn that is an Ombre Chunky Yarn of Red, Blue and Tan (what is called a Primitive Americana color theme) and I am offering it in a choice of Sizes - from 20 Inches Around Head to 25 Inches Around Head.

It, too, will take a few days to complete in the size chosen - and then ship.

 Handmade Ribbed Knit Hat in Americana Red - Blue - Tan - by RSS Designs In Fiber - Choose Size

All my Handmade Hats, Headbands and Scarves are available on Etsy - and you can put in a Custom Request on Etsy, too if you want one in a certain pattern or in different colors or yarns!  Just ask me!!


Linda Blatchford said...

Those are lovely hats that look very warm for the winter.

Umeboshi said...

These are really nice hats. I can see how the ribbed knit pattern can stay on well. I have some hats that like to fall off. I also love your color choices!