Sunday, March 31, 2019

Love Animals! See Wild Eagle Nest Live Cam from Big Bear in California

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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With my Love of Animals - Both Wildlife and Pets - if you have read anything I have written about that online, you will understand how much I LOVE this Live Cam of a Wild Bald Eagle Nest in Big Bear, California!!!

It is on You Tube:  

I have watched it several times since discovering it - with the Eagles doing different things.

You can check it at any time!

I live in the Antelope Valley - southwest of Big Bear and on the southern side / slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains - and a few times, when walking in the fields in Pearblossom - I was sure that I saw either an Eagle or Falcon or other such large bird way up in the sky - I figured that those large birds probably lived in caverns or trees in the Mountains.

But this is the first confirmation I got of Eagles living in and nesting in the Mountains of Southern California - Big Bear, California, where this Eagle Nest is - is in the San Bernadino Mountains - east of the San Gabriel Mountains, where I live.  I spent a week one December winter years and years ago in Big Bear - nice any time of year with a very nice drive up to there - but in mid-winter, like December, it is often covered in snow -- it was that week I was there.  

Apparently, if it is snowing, you can sometimes see it snowing on this Eagles Nest - since it is Live.

I tend to reflect the things I love in Life in my Arts and Crafts - here is a White Eagle I crocheted years ago in Filet Crochet (it sold, too)!

And here are a few more Filet Crochet pieces of Animals that I have made:

 Filet Crochet of 2 Birds Nesting - Handmade by Ruth Sandra Sperling - RSS Designs In Fiber

Filet Crochet "Desert Rabbit In A Bush" - Handmade By Ruth Sandra Sperling - RSS Designs In Fiber

 Filet Crochet of a Rooster - Handmade By Ruth Sandra Sperling - RSS Designs In Fiber

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