Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Rainbow Fireworks" - Fine Thread Crochet with Blending Filament

Ruth S. Sperling


Hello - this is my first blog about crocheting with thread.

I want to share with others what you can make with the finer, smaller crochet threads.

Above is a picture of a doily that I made and sold on the Internet!

The pattern itself was a complicated one and only practice and diligence can give you the ability to do such a pattern, but what I want to discuss is the materials I chose to use in making this.

In the original pattern, it was done in plain white thread, but as it represented fireworks - I decided to get creative!

As it was fireworks, I decided it needed sparkle, so I decided to use silver blending filament with the crochet thread throughout. I used the brand, Kreinik - you can find them on the web.

The round center is white. At the point where the motifs start - I decided to add in a strand of Tatting Cotton (which is very thin thread) in a variegated pastel color - so I was holding together 3 strands as I crocheted - one strand of white crochet thread, one strand of the variegated tatting cotton and one strand of the silver blending filament.

This is a closeup of part of the doily - you can see more detail here and see the effect of crocheting with the 3 strands held together.

The thread that I used is my favorite brand - DMC - all the white thread and the tatting cotton were DMC - some of the highest quality of crochet thread I can find. You can check their website to see what they have available.

You can look at my Internet shop and my eBay About Me page to see the Fine Thread Crochet I have available on the Internet now.

For pictures of other thread crochet that I have made and sold, you can see my public albums.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I enjoy chatting about crochet!!

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