Sunday, July 6, 2008


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I do my crafts because I enjoy doing them, but it is a real pleasure when someone likes what I make well enough to buy it.

Every once in a while, I get custom orders from people I see and/or know locally.

This time the custom order came from someone liking something that I had made and was wearing -- a beige crocheted sunhat.

I've been making myself hats for years. For the colder times, I have a variety of hats all in different colors to match coats, sweaters and scarves.

I also wear hats in the hot times - where I live in the Antelope Valley of Southern California - it is hot and sunny and windy most of the warmer months - May through September (sometimes even October), so I always have some hats to shade my face and cover my head - it keeps you cooler.

I had found a pattern for a hat in a book of hat patterns by Bernat that I felt was perfect for a Sunhat. It was the one I used for the Red & White one with the 3-d flower (featured in an earlier post).

So, I made myself one in beige that would go with just about everything during the summer.

Actually, I love it - all soft cotton - the brim as I made it, is stiff not floppy - and it is "foldable" or "crushable" so you can take it off and put it in a bag whenever you want to -- and put it back on again and it looks brand new!! The way it is -- it also doesn't blow off in the wind -- it stays on your head!!

So, Gloria saw it and asked me about it. She actually wanted one in black as she wears black a lot. I gave her my phone number. Some time later she called - she wanted one - and then she decided she also wanted one in navy blue.

I had to tell her I would have to special order the black and navy blue cotton yarn, but she wanted them in those colors!!

So, Peaches & Creme yarn to the rescue!! (Check out their website for their variety of colors in worsted cotton yarn - and other yarns!!) Of course, they had it -- I special ordered the black and navy blue and several other colors at the same time -- and when the package arrived, I made the 2 hats!!

So, now Gloria has her 2 cotton sunhats - one each in black and navy blue - for our hot, windy summer days!! (The navy blue one is pictured at the top.)

I have always been willing to do Custom Special Orders for people - hopefully, when everything works out right - it is a pleasure for them and for me!!


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