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Being a lover of wildlife and all wild things in nature -- and having had the fortune since I was a child of seeing them -- some in zoos/gardens and some in the wild -- a book about people who made friends with wild bears is "right up my alley"!!

For some reasons, from the time I was a little girl, bears are one of my favorite wild animals.

I remember going to this one place on the north side of Chicago, where I grew up, and they had a wild bear there - we use to go there and feed him peanuts - just throw the peanuts to him - and I just loved it.

When I was somewhat older and in my teens (don't remember the exact year), there was the time my family and I were hiking in some woods in a park on the North Peninsula of Michigan when we were on vacation - and there were these bear cubs. My uncle said we should all freeze - we didn't want to get in-between the cubs and their mother!! So, we all froze and just watched -- I admit I remember being a little afraid but thinking they (the cubs) were really cute - eventually the cubs got back with their mother and we continued our hike.

Then there was the time a friend and I were driving down this road in the Angeles National Forest near the San Gabriel Wilderness - and this bear was running -- really running!! Yes, in the Angeles National Forest - Los Angeles's "green back yard" -- there are wild bears!!!

A few years ago, while in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park - again while driving through - there were a couple of bears eating something at the side of the road.

Most of my closer encounters with wild animals have been with smaller ones - like raccoons and deer -- very quiet encounters as I just like to watch them and let them be. Even the skunks that got in this one house I lived in to eat the cat food -- oh, I just left the front door wide open and they eventually left without any problems!!

Of course, none of this comes close to the experiences of the Becklunds in their home in the North Minnesota forest with their wild bear friends.

But at least I have seen some of the wild animals of this earth in their native homes!!

The book "Summers With The Bears - Six Seasons In The North Woods" by Jack Becklund is a wonderful read!! I just finished re-reading it again - and I came away from it feeling a real personal affinity for those bears -- and wondering what happened to Little Bit, their bear cub friend who brought a whole bunch of her wild bear friends to their back porch and their box of seeds!! Of course, it takes some real special people to relate to the wild bears like they did!!

It looks to me, from the way they lived their life, that they must agree with Aldo Leopold and his Land Ethic!!

I checked on the Internet - if you would like to see more about this book and maybe buy a copyof the book "Summers With The Bears", check here on

Because of my love of bears - especially bears in the wild -- I have on sale in my etsy shop, RSS Designs In Fiber ( -- a Filet Crochet Doily of a Bear:

For all you other wild animal lovers -- and lovers of nature and "her" wild things -- and everyone else who has yet to experience the joy of life in wild things -- we should all appreciate all the life in this world!!


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