Thursday, June 18, 2009

ECO LAPTOP SOCK -- A New Form of Handmade Reusable Bag I Made

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I got a Laptop for myself a few months back and decided that I wanted something to protect it and cushion and "hide" it.

I had heard of Laptop Socks or Sleeves -- and I decided to make myself one in yarn.

It was my first and an experiment and totally my own design.

To make it thick, I knitted in Garter Stitch with double-strand yarn -- and I made it to fit my laptop exactly. I finished off the edges with a nice crocheted crab stitch!! Took a while to make because I did it in my spare time, as it was for myself, but I made sure I got it made for when I was going to be away for a couple days and was taking my laptop with me, as I wanted it to have something to protect it while traveling.

I got it done and it fit fine and did all I wanted it to (cushion and protect and hide)!

Then I realized I needed something to put the cords and all in -- so I made what I call a matching Gadget Bag.

Now, it was time to see about making one to sell.

I decided I wanted it to be ECO in design, materials and subject or theme. So I decided to make the outside or back of it a knitted tapestry of a tree - dark green on light green. Then in choosing the yarn, I wanted something soft and ECO, so I chose Caron Simply Soft ECO, which is partially made of recycled plastic bottles. I already had the design of the tree charted and just needed to modify it to fit this pattern.

So now weeks later -- I have it done (with its own Gadget Bag) and listed on Etsy: my ECO Tree Tapestry Laptop Sock!!

Have to see how this does on Etsy -- there are others made by others, but I this is totally my own design and I think a bit unique!!

Would you like one? I have lots of different yarns I can do it in!!


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