Monday, September 7, 2009


Ruth Sandra Sperling

The very first time that I saw Klaire's Silk Paintings, Pillows and Scarves, I knew I had found the work of an artist that I would always love! I believe it is the combination of the colors, subjects, themes -- it just appeals to me so much aesthetically that I brighten with a smile every time I see them! So to share it with any readers of my blog, here is a Feature of her and her artwork:


Question: What is(are) your Craft(s)/Art(s)?

Answer: I would be classified under artist, when I am doing a painting, and I suppose a designer when I am creating a silk scarf, or silk pillow.

Question: Places you sell your Craft(s)/Art(s) on the Internet?

Answer: Etsy -- and Yessie

Question: Places you sell your Craft(s)/Art(s) off the Internet?

Answer: Galleries in local area

Question: What/Who has been the inspiration behind doing your Craft(s)/Art(s)?

Answer: I'm not sure I can give the inspiration a name.I like to say it's the muses. They use me as they choose to.

Question: Can you briefly explain to our readers how you do your Craft(s)/Art(s) (methods, skills, materials)?

Answer: All I can briefly say is the process of creating on silk is quite a labor of love. Starting from the day the blank white silk arrives. The silk needs to be laundered to remove the residue from the silk worm. Then the silk is tabbed and pinned to a frame, where the designs are hand painted onto the silk in increments using gutta, French dyes, or paints. This step can take many days or months. After the designs are placed on the silk, it dries for 24 hours. After drying, the silk fabric is placed and layered between folds of unprinted newspaper, or cotton sheets. Then rolled onto a coil tube and placed into a steamer for 2-3 hours (this steaming process sets the dyes deep into the fibers of the silk). It is this steaming process which brings out the mysterious images I speak of in some of my description. See the painting "Bluebird Garden". Images of human forms show up between the statue and the rose bushes on the right. The dyed pieces are removed, laundered again to remove any excess dyes. Then each finished piece is ironed. A silk painting is mounted with pins onto a formcore board, then framed. I will work on paintings, and silk scarves at seperate times.

Question: How did you learn your Craft(s)/Art(s)?

Answer: I was attending an art class on water colors when I happened upon another class that was teaching silk art. I took it to relax and Zen out.

Question: Are you continuing to study your Craft(s)/Art(s) - and, if so, how?

Answer: I am always reviewing and updating my skills by taking classes, or reading.

Question: What is Your personal history in your Craft(s)/Art(s)?

Answer: I attended the Cooper Institute of Art--then because of lack of funds had to find a real job.

Question: Are there other interests in your life that you would like to discuss here (hobbies, charities, other careers, etc.)?

Answer: My creativity extends to writing poetry. I have been published in several college magazines. I also write children's stories, and illustrate them. I also help with the recruitment and activities on Design Style Guide: .
My real job (until I retired) was that of a Registered Nurse. Before that a fulltime mother to 4 children.

Here is a poem that Klaire wrote:

"Can Anyone Hear?"

Will I answer
the question at night,
after the day pregnant with light
has curtsied and bowed
to the presence
of blackened skies?

The stars whisper
their truths to ears
gone deaf.

By: Klaire L. Martin
aka MysticSilks

Question: To anyone aspiring to do the Craft(s)/Art(s) you do, do you have any
suggestions or recommendations?

Answer: Learn all you can. Ask questions of those with more knowledge in your art, or craft. Then just enjoy!

Please Note: My Features are based on the artisan's answers to questions I give them and the photos they send me or choose or approve -- I give all artisans I Feature full editing rights.