Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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When I crochet, there are times when I want to add SPARKLE to what I am making.

There are different ways of doing that, as I have discussed in posts here on my blog, but one of the ways that I like to do it is with shiny GLASS BEADS in different colors that SPARKLE!

My most recent BEADED item is this one -- a big white snowflake with CRYSTAL IRIS GLASS SEED BEADS crocheted in on the last round. The photo may not really do it justice - you will have to take my word for it - the 336 GLASS SEED BEADS on the outer edge really add a SPARKLE to it!!

I am not really into glitz that much - but I do like to add that SPARKLE to some of my items - especially on the edges, where the beads won't interfer with using the piece for displaying something like a vase or bowl or basket or figurine.

Just the right touch of SPARKLE with some complimentary glass beads can really add that "something" to the piece that makes it really special!

I have a few Beaded Thread Crochet items currently in my Etsy shop and you can find them HERE!

To give you an idea of more THREAD CROCHET items that I have made with GLASS BEADS and sold over the years, here are a few photos.

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