Sunday, April 18, 2010

EARTH DAY IS EVERY DAY -- My Tree Tapestry Pillow

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Tree Tapestry Pillow by RSS Designs In Fiber

This week is what is being called "EARTH WEEK" - with Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 being EARTH DAY! And it is the 40th anniversary of EARTH DAY!!

Well, I think Earth Day is a good idea -- if it is a day of celebration and education that results in Every Day being EARTH DAY!!

It is fairly easy for me, as I was brought up with a certain perspective on life about caring for our environment from the time I was a young child -- and I love Nature and what is outdoors, so, for me, whether there is an official Earth Day or not -- Every Day is EARTH DAY!!

As I have said before, Trees are one of my favorite things on Earth -- so to honor the concept of EARTH DAY -- and because I love trees -- I made the above pillow - a TREE TAPESTRY!!

It is for sale here on Etsy!!

It is in the technique of crochet tapestry or colorwork. I used 100% cotton yarn in Earthy colors - with a sky in a Teal Blue - and, as shown below, the Back of the pillow is done in a textured crochet spike stitch in solid Teal Blue.

Back of Handmade Tree Tapestry Pillow by RSS Designs In Fiber

Teal Blue is in the Turquoise family of colors -- and I have left a comment on this Home Decor article, Turquoise Inspiration 2, on Design Style Guide Community, showing it off -- as I think it could fit very well in some of the rooms pictured in this article!!

In addition to the subject of my pillow being Earthy, I bought an Eco-Friendly EcoCraft Pillow Form for it!! The fill of the Pillow Form is 100% PLA - a synthetic fiber made from the annually renewable resource - corn!! The cover of the Pillow Form is 100% woven cotton. I was really glad to find such an Eco-Friendly Pillow Form (at my local JoAnn's)!

So, I feel pretty good about this -- both artistically, as the design is totally my own -- and environmentally, as it is really an environmentally friendly product!!

To Living a Life That is Good for the Whole Web of Life!!


Anonymous said...

good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

Sharon Troncalli said...

So nice to see handmade products like your beautiful Tree of Life pillow that is eco friendly! Thanks for sharing.

Julie L. Cleveland said...

I just love this pillow, Ruth. It not only expresses how I know you feel about the environment, but how many other people feel. It's a beautiful pillow.