Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WHITE FLOWER BEAUTIES - My New Curated Gallery on Etsy

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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One of the Features that I really like on Etsy.com is their Member-Curated Galleries called "Treasury". I have written about them before - but now they have a new one (it is still in Beta, but it is functioning)!

It is called Treasury East - it has 16 slots for 16 Etsy listings to be featured - and, so far, it is permanent and editable by the Curator.

I created my first one yesterday:

It has a combination of Etsy items from people who are Thread Artists on Etsy (search "threadartiststeam" under Handmade on Etsy) and in Design Style Guide (search "designstyleguide" under Handmade on Etsy). I went through different shops on Etsy and found these 16 items of -- WHITE FLOWERS!!

All beautiful and Handmade!!

As it is permanent, I plan to maintain it, checking it regularly to see if anything has sold -- and replacing the sold items with newer Etsy listings.

The photo above links to it on Etsy - and you can go there - and then click on any of the listings to see them.

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