Sunday, May 16, 2010

Patriotic AMERICANA Themes In My Designs

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I truly am Patriotic.

The Freedoms and Rights provided us in the United States of America by the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and our Constitution are so valuable to me as a person -- well words are not enough to express it, but I can in My Designs In Fiber!!

It does, I admit, have a lot to do with my family's history going back generations -- more generations than I know of, I am sure. The generations that I have known in my life have had a lot to celebrate in being able to emigrate to the United States of America. The discrimination earlier generations suffered -- both religious and "class", I am afraid -- was all too real and did cause real suffering in my family, but I will leave it at that generally and not go into details.

Various members of my immediate and extended family have not only made good use of the Freedoms and Rights in the United States of America, but once established here, they extended offers of help to others in need. This, again, as in other blog posts I have written will be left at: "Those who know, know!"

So, over more recent years, since I have been creating in my crafts, I have expressed my Patriotic feelings by creating Designs In Fiber in AMERICANA themes.

Most recently, this year, I designed the Basket and Coaster in this image. They will be available in different places on the Internet this year:

(Noted Added July 23, 2010: The Bowl pictured below is availabe as part of a Set of Bowls for Sale as Fundraising for Design Style Guide at !!
The Set of Coasters in this picture are available in my Etsy shop at !!)

One year not too long ago, I decided to design a Thread Crochet Doily in a "Star Spangled Banner" theme - as it was to be used for Home Decor, I made it round, with White Stars in a Field of Blue with Red and White Stripes around that:

Also, one year not too long ago, I decided to make an Image in Fiber representing what I considered a typical AMERICANA theme: A Flag Bearer on a Horse, as you would see in any Patriotic celebration:

And, ah-h-h, one of my favorite AMERICANA themes - the Majestic Eagle -- not only a symbol for this country, but, as wildlife, an environmental one!!

The last three items pictured have been long gone -- but I can always do my best to reproduce any of them by Special Request.

I do still have a few AMERICANA themed items in my Etsy shop, if any are interested. By the way, the lacey basket in shaded blues and whites would obviously be considered Vintage Style AMERICANA!

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