Sunday, June 20, 2010

HAND-CROCHETED FLOWERS - for Appliques ... Buttons ... Decorations ... Pendants

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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It all started when I needed to make Flowers - particularly attached 3-dimensional Flowers - for Doilies and other Thread Crochet items I was making to sell on consignment about 6 years ago.

I found I loved making them - in all kinds of colors, some solid colors, some variegated or shaded colors.

I also learned to put beads on them - inside the petals ... or around the petals ...

Up until a little while ago, I just made them for my own finished projects, both in Threads and Yarns -- all kinds.

But recently I decided to make a few sets in some of my more unusual Threads and put them up for sale in a Section of my Shop on Etsy.

I am making and selling them for several reasons:

-- as an alternative to plastic, metal or non-renewable material for attachments, decorations or buttons --

-- as colorful Cotton Decorations to be sewn on clothes or bags --

-- as colorful "cloth" Pendants or Charms for Necklaces, Bracelets, etc.

All Handmade, All Cotton, All Washable - can even be used on Baby and Children's items!!

I have quite a stash of Threads and Yarns -- so I can make them for all sorts of items -- in all sorts of sizes -- in all sorts of colors!! Some of my threads and yarns are Natural (washed, non-toxic) also - and there are small amounts of organic yarns to be found also, too!!

Check my "crocheted flowers" section here on my blog for more articles, including pictures, about Handmade Flowers!

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